Zachary Levi on American Underdog, Kurt Warner and Shazam 2

With the Erwin Brothers American Underdog opening in theaters on Christmas Day, I recently spoke to Zechariah Levi about playing the former NFL quarterback Kurt warner in the biopic. Based on the book Everything is possible by Warner and Michel Argent, the film tells the incredible true story of Warner, as he rose from the shelves of a supermarket to two-time NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP before being elected to the Professional Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. Written by Jon erwin, David-Aaron Cohen, and Jon gunn, the film also draws the curtain on what many people don’t know about Warner’s personal life, including how he met his wife Benda (Anna paquin), the struggles they went through and the importance of faith, family and purpose in their lives. The film also stars Dennis quaid, Adam baldwin, Bruce mcgill, Ser’Darius Blain, Chance Kelly, Morgane shaw, Brett Varvel, and Bryce bruckbauer.


During the wide and fun interview, Levi opened up about how he got involved in the project, which surprised him speaking with Kurt and Brenda to prepare for the role, film the barn dance scenes and football, his favorite San Diego Comic-Con. memories, her favorite video game console, and more. In addition, he spoke of the Shazam! following, Shazam! The fury of the gods, and explained why he thinks the sequel will be even better than the first movie. He said:

“I’ll say I’m sincerely – and it’s not just lip service – I’m really proud of the first one, I think we made a very, very good movie. I think the second is better. I think that we had more time, we had more budget. We had, basically, all the cast coming back, and we all knew our characters a little better; we could sort of sit down with them a little more. Henry Gayden, who wrote the first screenplay, wrote the second, and he did a fantastic job doing it. Everything clicked a little more and a little more. And also the children grew a little more so even their sensitivity becomes even a little more mature which brings it closer to my adult mind or that of other people, so there’s even more connection there I think. The action is great, the comedy is great, the relationships are great. The bad guys, Helene Mirren and Lucy liu, are fantastic. I am very proud of it. I want it out earlier than June 2023. “

As a big fan of the first Shazam!, my only complaint is that we have to wait until summer 2023 to see it.

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Check out what Zachary Levi had to say in the player above and below, that’s exactly what we talked about.

Zechariah Levi

  • If someone has never seen anything they’ve done, what’s the first thing they want them to look at and why?
  • When did he get the feeling he could pay rent just for his acting job and no work next to it?
  • What is her favorite video game console?
  • What is his favorite year at San Diego Comic-Con he attended?
  • How did he get involved in American Underdog?
  • How he wasn’t going to be able to make the movie due to his schedule, but after COVID changed everything, they were able to make it work.
  • How most people know about Kurt Warner’s football history, but most don’t know what happened behind the scenes with his family and his dream to succeed.
  • What would he prefer to spend the day on: wearing the Shazam costume or NFL outfit?
  • Why does Hollywood tell so few NFL stories on TV and in movies?
  • What surprised him talking with Kurt Warner and Brenda Warner and learning their story?
  • What was more difficult: filming the barn dance or the football scenes?
  • What can he laugh at Shazam 2?
  • Why does he think the Shazam the sequel will be better than the first film.
  • His thoughts on the summer 2023 release date and his final fight against Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam.

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