Waukesha West grad ‘brings the energy’ on stage

He has been performing since the age of four and the sports that interest him are as numerous as his roles on stage.

That’s what makes Waukesha West’s Tyler Curtain this week’s FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

“I come from a family of musicians and singers,” Curtain said. “So I’ve been singing all my life. My mom trained me and my siblings. My dad is a pastor so I’ve always been playing and singing
just like a little child in church. That’s really what sparked my love for music.”

The curtain is to “bring energy”.

“I’ve always acted,” Curtain said. “So I would do our school plays and musicals. My favorite musical that we did would have to be Bonnie & Clyde, the musical where I was a preacher.
Or Little Shop of Horrors the musical where I had the honor of being Audrey II and my favorite line, it’s my very first line of the whole show. I’ll just go a little, feed me!”

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Curtain will attend Carroll University majoring in nursing with a minor in musical theater.

“A lot of people tell me it would be good for me to be a singing nurse, that’s what they call me,” Curtain said. “My long-term goal is to become a pediatric cardiologist.”

When not on stage, Rideau is likely behind the curtain.

“I’m in charge of setting up the sound card for the day, so I have to make sure everything is hooked up properly or we won’t have any sound,” he said. “A mistake on my part is a mistake for the show.”

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