VOLKSWAGEN TAIGO COMPACT COUPE’ SUV road test, TECHNOLOGY and price – Andrea Galeazzi

The base of a Polo, the length longer than a T-Rock, the “coupé” side line… in short, this Taigo represents a great novelty at Volkswagen. Too bad there is no electric or hybrid version but what did I like? The price/standard equipment ratio is really interesting and it’s still a Volkswagen and it immediately puts you at ease!

Design and interior

Let’s start to observe it from the front, where we find a front face consistent with what is now the feeling of the Volkswagen family and the particularity of a horizontal LED strip that joins the two headlights. Headlights that we find elsewhere Full LED standard or optional LED Matrix. I also liked the perfect camouflage of the radars for the ADAS behind the windshield and in the front.

The length and of 427 centimeters and I like the side cut, it has a nice grainy “cut” line. The wheels are standard 16″ on the “life” version, 17″ on the “R-line” and 18 as an option on my test model.

The rear also has a very sporty cut with full LED lights. the trunk has a capacity of 440 liters which becomes 1222 by folding the seats (60/40) and there is also space for the spare wheel. Not bad for a coupe-style car.

As soon as we enter we are immediately greeted by a pleasant surprise, the multifunction steering wheel and the LCD digital dashboard are indeed standard on all versions. The seats are manually adjustable but beautiful and comfortable and there is plenty of space, you feel comfortable and are wider than on the Polo. It’s also good for materials and finishes that aren’t bad.

The same goes for the rear, where we find more than enough headroom, which is not a given given the aesthetic cut of the roof to drop down, and enough space for the legs too. There is no shortage of USB-C sockets for charging and easily accessible ISOFIX accessories.


About Technology in addition to the customizable digital dashboard in display mode, there is both Android Auto and wireless Apple CarPlay as well as the compartment for wireless smartphone charging.

L’infotainment we have already seen it on other Volkswagens, it has the home page with all the icons that we can move around in order to keep our favorites under control. There are shortcuts by lowering the curtain, digital radio streaming and air-gestures to do with hand gestures in front of the screen without needing to touch anything.

Road test

the ads they are all there and are also standard. Adaptive cruise control, lane assistant and travel assistant are always a big help, even in the city.

L’accompaniement it is neutral, comfortable but at the same time not too soft, which given the height of the car would make it “rock” in the middle of curves. I would say that it is precisely the set-up, so neutral and predictable, which is responsible for this feeling often attributed to Volkswagens when it is said that it immediately seems to have driven them for a lifetime.

Auto-hold is absent, but it couldn’t be otherwise given that the electronic parking brake is also absent. The change can be both manual and automatic and in this second case we find the DSG, always intelligent but sometimes a little abrupt, especially at the beginning.

the 0-100 of this 1500cc version is 8.3 seconds and the maximum speed of 212km/h. Traction is at the front, so there’s predictable understeer, but grip is still excellent, even in load-shifting corners it still feels like you’re glued to the asphalt.

THE consumption that I have detected are 11-12km/l in city (one less if you have a heavy foot). When the ECO warning light comes on, it means that two of the four cylinders have been deactivated to consume less. On highway one 110km/h consumption is 20-21km/l while a 130 salt to 15-16 km/l.

On Highway I have to report a big soundproofing, even at 110 or 130 km/h, and an excellent calibration of the ads pity only for the absence (at least among the standard equipment) of that relating to the blind corner.

Prices and conclusions

It starts from €23,000 and what I like is that already in this basic version there is many standard features which often are not. I’m talking about ADAS, full LED headlights and the digital dashboard. The Line R 1.500cc that I tried, with the accessories that I showed you, it costs 30,000 euros. In addition to the price and the equipment, it is a Volkswagen, therefore a car really for everyone and for everything, who will immediately seem to have driven it forever!

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