Video interview of the panel of the composers’ round table to meet the experts


When the composer of “Spirit Untamed” Friend Doherty As a child, his mother wrote contemporary musicals for her local school, with lyrics that parody regional politics or world news. This is where Doherty says she first developed a taste for writing music which led her to a career as a songwriter and songwriter.

“She would come to my school, mortifying, and throw me behind the piano and I had to play all the songs,” Doherty recalls in our “Meet the Experts” panel of songwriters. “But more often than not everything was going wrong on stage and the curtain pulled back and they would play something, so I would be marking this chaos live on stage. I hated it at the time, but oddly enough, it taught me to think on my feet. So sometimes I think it all started there.

Doherty is one of the top five composers who participated in our panel, including the Oscar winner Alexandre Desplat (“La Dépêche française”), National members and twin brothers Aaron and Bryce dessner (“Cyrano”), Dickon hinchliffe (“The Lost Girl”), and Oscar nominee Daniel Pemberton (“Being the Ricardos”).

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“I started to make music in my room. I was asked to do a TV show when I was still in school, a documentary, I didn’t know what I was doing, ”Pemberton recalls of what brought him to music. “I did a few, then took a year off because I felt like everything was fine. So I’m technically still on my sabbatical. I was like, ‘Let’s see how this music career is going.’ The strangest thing is that sometimes I still have dreams where I’m suddenly told that I have to go to college now and I’m like no, no, I’m making music. All is well, all is well.

For Pemberton, and the panelists seemed to agree, being a songwriter is a joy, even on days it isn’t. “As a songwriter, there are days when you’re like ah, it’s a nightmare, it’s terrible, there are all those notes that I don’t agree with,” Pemberton says. “But there are days when it’s so fantastic when I can sit down and make music. Like I’ve done something today and have been smiling all day because making music is awesome. It’s great when it’s in the movie and it’s the best movie, but even doing it is one of those things that I feel very lucky that I can do.

Watch the roundtable video above. Click on each person’s name above to watch an individual solo interview.

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