Universal Summer Tribute Store Celebrates ’80s Big Screen Favorites

Although it may have been a year since the Velocoaster Called guests on the hunt, Universal Studios brings favorite ’80s movies to the big screen. The Universal Summer Tribute Store offers a taste of movie theater nostalgia, and guests are ready to see the curtain rise on the latest special.

The Universal Tribute Store is continually transforming to provide customers with a new, immersive experience. From Halloween themes at the annual Halloween Horror Nights to Mardi Gras and the holidays, each new release contains hidden gems around every corner. Every detail shows the efforts of the Universal Creative team.

While summer and movie blockbusters form a classic combination, the Universal Summer Tribute Store showcases three iconic movies that are part of the pop culture lexicon. Even if you still can’t get back in the water or need to call home, walking through the Universal Summer Tribute Store will definitely bring a smile to your face.

The three films featured are ET The Extra-Terrestrial, JAWS and Back to the Future. Although only one of the three films still has a draw at Universal Orlando, these iconic films are more than just the nostalgic trend. Young and old appreciate the films, their themes and their place in the history of cinema.

Although many Universal Orlando fans wish JAWS was still part of the theme park rides, the Tribute Store props bring back a taste of that experience. From Quint’s boathouse to the hull of a ship in the rafters, it brings that beach vibe. Luckily, nothing threatening lurks in the water.

Finally, the Back to the Future room channels that inner scientist. The detail in Doc’s garage might inspire another budding scientist to create the next awesome invention. Maybe that “Outatime” license plate could make driving on the I4 a little more enjoyable.

Since every Tribute store offers a plethora of tasty treats, the concession stand is full of delicious snacks and desserts. Taking inspiration from classic movies, the dishes on offer are detailed and delicious.

While some offerings are riffs on favorites, most treats are almost too cute to eat. These desserts will pop up on everyone’s social media.

Universal Orlando Summer Tribute Store, photo courtesy of Universal Orlando

And, for anyone who remembers last summer’s Jurassic Park Tribute Store, a few of those desserts made it back to the concession stand. Don’t miss this s’mores treat. It was a good one.

The Universal Summer Tribute store is located at Universal Studios Orlando. It is open during park hours and is included with theme park admission. For more information on tickets and schedules, please visit the Universal Orlando website.

Ready to go through the turnstiles again? The curtain is up on the Universal Summer Tribute store.

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