Trucking with the Tigers: Ole Miss


From: Jeff Shearer

“Truckin’ with the Tigers” is back this year. Senior Writer Jeff Shearer will give fans a look behind the curtain this season as he accompanies Auburn football for road games.

This week, Auburn heads to Oxford, Mississippi, where the Tigers will face the No. 9 Ole Miss on Saturday at 11 a.m. CT. The game will be televised on ESPN.

Stay locked in here for Auburn’s travel updates throughout the weekend.

Auburn Football Video Mobile Office on Friday, October 14, 2022 in Auburn, Ala.Todd Van Emst/AU Athletics


TUPELO, Miss – Keith Smith had plenty of time to sketch designs for the Auburn Football Mobile Office while undergoing chemotherapy.

Smith, Auburn’s assistant director of football technology and video operations, used his recovery time to carry out his boss’s directive.

“We need to find an efficient way to carry everything we need to provide the most seamless and efficient copy center for our coaches on the road,” said hard matte, Auburn’s director of football technology and video innovation. “That’s what got us to this.”

Thus was born the Auburn Football Mobile Office. A computer, printer, 11 x 17 and 8.5 x 11 paper, laminator, markers, erasers, office supplies and a projector all fit neatly into the portable drawers.

“It’s nice, it’s clean, it’s organized,” Smith said, “and it all fits in a tour bus. You have everything you need here. Anywhere in the country we have ‘electricity, you can still do your job. That’s the biggest update: making this thing mobile and more organized than it was.”

Last year, printing 30 roll call sheets took two hours. On Auburn’s first road trip this season, it took three minutes.

“It was night and day,” Hard said. “You take it out at the hotel and you’re good to go. It’s like being at home.”

Matt Hard Keith SmithAuburn soccer football mobile office video on Friday October 14, 2022 in Auburn, Ala.Todd Van Emst/AU Athletics

Hard is proud of Auburn’s innovation, knowing that the mobile office design can benefit programs with fewer resources.

“What can be improved?” He asked. “Not only are we privileged at a Power Five school to do more things, but it’s our responsibility to innovate for those other schools that might not be able to try something new.

“The duty is on us to push our field forward and make things better for everyone. One of my favorite parts of our job is being able to do new things for the benefit of the team.”

The mobile office gives Auburn coaches the ability to edit their call sheets up to 20 minutes before the team boards buses to the stadium on Saturday.

“They can make whatever changes they want on the fly,” Smith said. “It allows them to be flexible and we can make sure we get what they want.”

Last season, Smith’s physician, former Auburn kicker Dr. Morgan Hull, diagnosed Smith with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma on his spine, requiring six rounds of chemo from January through May. He is now, to use the appropriate medical phrase, “watchful waiting”, – cancer-free but waiting five years for this official designation.

He’s back on the road, trucking with the Tigers, seeing his design help Auburn be their best.

“You feel good about the fact that you can make things easier and better, not just for us, but for the team down the road,” Smith said. “The end result became something quite impressive.”

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