Top decoration trends for Diwali 2021



Diwali is that time of the year when most Indians deploy all their creativity and spread it in all areas, be it food, clothing or their decor. It’s the holiday season, so no one is to blame! Diwali is the one festival that we all look forward to for age, gender and sometimes even religion without a bar. It’s the perfect excuse to dress up, show off and have fun with our loved ones. It’s time to meet our cousins ​​after what seems like an eternity, and add to that the beauty of a well-lit and decorated house, delicious specialties, ecological diyas, it’s quite an atmosphere. … Find out what interior design specialists have to say about the major decorating trends for 2021 and try to integrate them into your homes. Whatever your favorite aesthetic, there is something for everyone’s taste and creativity this holiday season.

The decorations on the face are outdated

The need of the hour is to be more subtle and elegant. So be absolutely strict on the “less is more” mantra. The emphasis is on high quality materials, superb workmanship and bold features – bold sculptural pieces, whether dramatic lights, planters, artwork or figurines. It could also include furniture with simple but striking silhouettes. Strip the decor, but be understated and elegant with your choices. You will definitely have a more eye-catching space.

Choose monochrome themes, let the accessories shine

Keeping the basic palette neutral is a must, so it is natural to get even more subtle when it comes to choosing colors. Whether choosing paint, wallpaper or curtains. Choose a soft tone like gray, beige, or earthy, then stick to it throughout the area to create a perfectly luxurious space. When you have a monochrome backdrop, the beauty of the fine materials you’ve chosen really shines through. The same goes for the best accessories and lights that you have added to the decor. In such a sublime setting, the flowers, floral arrangements and candles that you bring to add a festive atmosphere will really stand out. And you can better feel their freshness and subtleties.

Stick to clutter-free spaces, remove the mundane

Instead of ten, keep five, then delete one more. After the feature is taken care of, any additional items should only be used if they improve the overall feel of the space. This allows you to invest in only the best furniture, accessories, and artwork that truly add value and a refined aesthetic to your surroundings. When you take away the mundane things, your party decor has a big impact.

Stay with traditional evergreen and classic decor

The traditional decoration allows to implement everything, whether in terms of colors or accessories. Bright and vibrant hues are excessively used in every corner in the form of vases, candle holders, dessert plates and the like. The traditional decor is warm and welcoming and it’s a must-have for this holiday season.

Become contemporary – combine tradition with modern elements

Contemporary decorating ideas are the perfect combination of traditional and modern. The decor elements are modern chic, elegant and evergreen, while the little tradition is added through colors in the form of flowers, colorful drapes and other accessories. The contemporary decor is timeless and elegant.

Modern minimal is in

The name says it all, everything is modern but minimal. There is no influx of decorative items around every corner. We could choose a few central pieces that would be the star of the day and place them strategically. There is little or no use of props to keep the environment intentionally open and clean. The modern minimalist decor is spacious, easy and airy.

With contributions from the founders of premium interior design brands, Hardesh Chawla, Divyansh Sanklecha and Vipul Pirgal


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