This Japanese rack attaches to your bed, putting your clothes within easy reach for couch potatoes

All that’s left for the players to do is get up to do a dump; for everything else, Bauhutte has all the bases covered. After giving gamers a reason to laze about idly with the electric gaming bed, the Japanese company is now making sure you can have your wardrobe around the bed. It’s like a miraculous intervention, not just for the gaming side of things, but for the everyday office/school goer, who can come home and drape their clothes over the hangers that are later installed on the bed.

The interesting concept highlighted is the Bed Hanger Rack which, as the name suggests, is an extension of the open cabinet concept. It attaches to the bed and offers space to hang clothes and holders to store smartphones, remotes, game consoles and other accessories that you would like to have close at hand in bed.

Designate: Bauhutte

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In addition to hanging storage and shelf extensions, the hanger rack becomes a little more interesting with its assembly: possible to match the layout of your room. The support can be installed along the shorter front or the longer side of the bed; so that it can be fixed without having to modify the location of the existing bed. Efficient use of space above the bed lets you effortlessly store everyday clothes on hangers around the bed; this way you avoid folding and sorting clothes in an ordinary wardrobe.

For someone like me, this option to keep the bedroom neat and tidy without having clothes lying around works like a miracle. It would definitely make the whole garment management process efficient and convenient. My chairs and sofas can breathe some fresh air!

Comes with an adjuster to install the rack horizontally, if you can; the rack can be assembled in two ways. You can assemble it on three legs to handle up to 5 kg of payload, or choose to add the fourth leg to support up to 8 kg of clothing weight. Bauhutte’s bed hanging rack can even adjust its height depending on the size of the bed, the length to suit your needs and the height you want to hang your clothes. Fascinating!

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