The Last Curtain: Montreal’s Beloved Dollar Cinema Closes Its Doors

After 18 years, the Dollar Cinema is closing its doors for good.

Since 2004, the Côte Saint-Luc staple has served a very important purpose: to give people a second chance to see the movies they missed when they first hit theaters. It was never flashy or fancy, and that’s exactly why people loved it.

Whether a movie came out five months ago or five decades ago, Dollar Cinema would probably screen it sooner or later. And you’ll be able to see it on the big screen for a fraction of the price.

Daily Hive spoke to owner Bernie Gurberg about the disappointing news. “We wanted to renew our lease, which ends July 31,” he says. “But they don’t renew them for anyone in the mall. Everyone is on a leash here because they have plans to build condominiums in the future.

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Gurberg, who has been a bit of a pioneer in adapting the traditional cinematic experience, says he’s going to try to make the final weeks of cinema as special as possible. “I’m going to show nostalgic movies and say a final goodbye,” he said, adding that his favorite part of running the theater was meeting people from all walks of life and forming lasting connections.

“I know people who came here for their first date, and now they’re bringing their kids, who are 15.”

While the former actor and mayoral candidate said he wouldn’t rule out the possibility of another theater project, after 18 years he can’t wait to finally take a well-deserved vacation.

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