The jaw-dropping interior of the new BMW 7 Series is a game-changer for luxury cars

What BMW have done with the inside of the new 7 series is simply amazing. If you appreciate comfort and the finer things in life, this vehicle’s interior is for you. The design of the new 2023 model has one thing in mind, pure luxury.

A BMW spokesperson summed it up pretty well, “Customers in this segment don’t want any compromises.” If you thought the interior of the Tesla Cybertruck or Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV was jaw-dropping, wait until you take a look inside the all-new BMW 7 Series, their lavish new flagship car.

The BMW 7 Series gives you your own cinema room

Most articles like this start with the cockpit and walk you inside the car from there. Well, in this case, we won’t. Because the real eye-catcher inside the new 2023 7 Series is at the rear. If you think driving one of these luxury cruisers is fun, we have news for you, you are wrong. The back of the car is where all the action takes place.

The rear passengers are the luckiest, as not only do they enjoy the incredible comfort provided by the best rear seats ever deployed in a car (more to follow later), but they also have their own private in-car cinema.

The best feature of the new 7 series is the 31 inch cinema screen. This huge widescreen screen spans almost the entire width of the interior and delivers clarity fit for royalty; incredible 8K resolution. It’s powered by the same software used in Amazon’s Fire tablets, and when it drops from the ceiling, it turns the back of the car into a luxury movie theater.

It’s when you lower the cinema screen that the real magic happens. When the screen turns off, the cabin lights go out, just like the curtain in a real cinema. The sun blinds covering the side windows, the rear window and the sunroof all close automatically. And occupied seats recline, preparing you for a vehicular cinematic experience like no other.

The ambient lighting is superb. You can change the color and intensity, depending on your mood. Other cool technologies on board the new 7 Series include a 5G antenna that provides quick and easy internet access. You can access any of your favorite streaming services. But the amazing rear screen also has a built-in Amazon Fire Stick, so you can log into your Prime account and catch up on the latest shows and movies.

BMW calls it “theater mode,” and all that’s really missing is a hot dog stand and some popcorn. The massive display screen supports multiple aspect ratios up to 32:9, and what’s really nice is that the image fills the entire screen as well.

You can move the screen back and forth to optimize your viewing experience. You don’t even have to stretch your arm to press the touchscreen, as BMW has provided smartphone-sized (5.5-inch) digital controllers in each rear door to manage it. These handy little devices, with angled screens, not only control the cinema screen, but also the rear climate control zones, sun visors, seats, ambient lighting and sunroof.

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The audio experience of the new BMW 7 Series is incredible

If music is your thing, you can opt for the optional Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround sound system. With this superb kit, you can listen to your favorite songs through 36 speakers, strategically positioned in the cabin. BMW enlisted Hollywood composer Hanz Zimmer to help develop its premium audio system which produces 1,965 watts, and the sound quality is simply sublime.

The system has four sound modes and two of the surround sound speakers are in the head restraints of each seat in the car. It uses sensors in the seats to optimize sound quality for each occupant. Imagine sitting in the back with your eyes closed, listening to Andrea Bocelli fill the cabin. There is a sky.

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The BMW 7 Series lets you enjoy driving and relax

After a long day at the office, your chauffeur shows up (okay, maybe your partner then) and you jump into the back of the 7 Series. You just want to relax in the optional Executive Lounge seats. These seats allow you to recline and offer a handy leg rest behind the front passenger seat if you fancy a quick nap.

If your mobile runs out of charge, you can recharge it in the padded armrest. You can adjust the seat back angle, upper back angle, fore/aft position and surface tilt to just about any position under the panoramic sunroof.

The BMW’s multifunction seats have heating, cooling, ventilation and, best of all, a nine-program massage function. So, if your neck is a little stiff or if your lower back is tight, there’s no need to call a masseuse. A feature available on the front and rear seats.

If it’s winter, your hands and elbows will never be cold again. With the optional Heat Comfort Pack, you get a heated steering wheel and heated armrests, both in the door trim and the center console.

And fitted as standard above your head is the beautiful panoramic glass sunroof. BMW says “It’s taller than any rival’s, and now also significantly longer than that of the outgoing 7 Series in its rear section in particular.” And it’s a nice-sized roof, which brings a lot of light into the cabin.

To embellish the roof even more, you can opt for the Sky Lounge package. With that, you get your own light show via LED threads embedded in the glass that display the same diamond-shaped pattern as the quilting on the seats. So you get this really cool hatched design decorated on the ceiling.

All in all, the 7 Series epitomizes luxury and jaw-dropping Cinema option. It’s a great way to lure you into the car. But the question is, with your own private cinema complex just sitting on your drive – could that put an end to cinema?

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