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Wendy Williams, here in 2019, is leaving her talk show after 13 seasons. Photo by Evan Falk

The Wendy Williams Show” is coming to an end.

A spokesperson for Williams confirmed the news to CNN in a statement Tuesday.

“It has been a difficult time for Wendy as she deals with her health issues. She is incredibly grateful to Debmar-Mercury, Sherri and everyone else who has supported the show throughout this time,” Williams rep Howard Bragman said.

“She, more than anyone, understands the reality of syndicated television. . . you can’t go out there and sell a show that’s the “Maybe Wendy Show.” She understands why this decision was made from a business perspective, and Debmar-Mercury assured her that if her health reached a point where she could host again and if her desire was for her to host again, she would be back. on television at that time.

Williams’ time slot will be filled by talk show veteran Sherri Shepherd, who made the announcement on Williams’ show this morning. Shepherd’s new show will be called “Sherri.”

She was previously co-host of “The View” from 2007 to 2014.

Williams’ departure comes as she has been absent from hosting duties since the 13th-season premiere of “Wendy.” Williams was recovering from a breakthrough case of COVID-19 early in the season, according to the show.

She was supposed to return in October, but later cited her ongoing issues with Graves’ disease. The autoimmune disease is something that has driven Williams off on several occasions over the years, including an incident in which she passed out on live TV during a Halloween episode in 2017.

Williams has also been open about her previous struggle with addiction. In 2019, she told viewers she was living in a sober house after seeking treatment for drug use. She filed for divorce from her husband, Kevin Hunter, the same year.

“The Wendy Williams Show” was created by Williams and debuted in 2008 at New York studios. She began her career in radio and earned a reputation for her quick wit and unfiltered interviews. Fans fell in love with Williams’ franchise, which also ruffled a few feathers among such entertainment along the way.

Last year, a biopic about her life, “Wendy Williams: The Movie” debuted on Lifetime and detailed her rise to talk show success. (CNN)

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