The Buell Theater gears up for Broadway with Friday reopening

DENVER – On Friday, after a nearly two-year hiatus, the Denver Center for the Performing Arts will once again invite audiences.

The first show on the list is Hip Hop Nutcracker.

This is the first large-scale theatrical event that we will host in murals since our closure, and we are incredibly excited about it, ”said John Ekeberg, executive director of the Broadway division at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. “If if you come back on Friday you are sure to see an incredibly vibrant arts complex.”

Theaters have struggled more than most industries during the coronavirus pandemic. Now, with a new protocol and new sanitary measures, DCPA leaders say they are confident they can bring people back safely.

“The four main partners residing here at the Arts Complex have come together,” said Ekeberg, discussing the partnership with the symphony orchestra, opera and ballet. “We made the mutual decision to bring people back safely. We would have proof of the vaccine requirement for ages 12 and up.”

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts will require all show attendees over the age of 12 to show proof of vaccination. Children under 12 must bring a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of the show. The theater has also undergone major renovations to its HVAC system and a new cleaning protocol is in place to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 on surfaces.

“If we provide a comfortable, healthy and safe environment for people to come back, they will feel comfortable buying another ticket,” Ekeberg said. “It’s really going to protect the industry and bring it back incredibly strong.”

Buell Theater has a list of blockbuster Broadway shows in its lineup this winter, including The Lion King and Hamilton – which has been postponed due to the pandemic. DCPA has maintained more than 25,000 subscribers to its subscriptions during the pandemic, and producers are ready to welcome them again.

“We’re going to bring it back and it will be as big, beautiful, fun and entertaining as you remember it,” Ekeberg said. “We are ready. It is time.”

A full lineup of upcoming shows at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts can be found here.

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