“Ten Minutes With,” a New Take on Late-Night Talk Shows Now Airing on MOKO

WESTPORT, Conn., January 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Something extraordinary is happening in the suburbs of Connecticut, one hour from New York. A late-night talk show, where legit celebrities come on for 10-minute host/creator interviews by Brian Kelsey garage set. Built on an obsession, a dream and a bet, the fun 20-minute program is now carried by the MOKO streaming platform.

Atlanta-based on MOKO, it features uplifting and inspiring content, as well as original shows designed to help viewers live their best lives. 25% of their subscription cost goes to several charities. “It’s a perfect fit,” says CEO MOKO and creator Thomas Canley. “Brian and the show itself is all about positive vibes, fun and chasing a dream. We’re all thrilled to have ‘Ten Minutes With’ on our platform!”

As host Brian Kelsey explains it, the show started innocently enough. He challenged himself to create a late-night talk show in his garage and see who would be the most famous people he could put on, in person, for a 10-minute interview.

Turns out they showed up,” Kelsey said. Celebrities, musicians, actors and more. I built everything myself from scratch – the office, the set, I even wrote and recorded the theme music.” Brian also directs the 6 cameras, audio, PA studio and edits the show himself. -same.

What resulted from the sawdust and grime of the garage was a loose sight, rough around the edges and fun – reminiscent of the early 1980s. David Letterman“, he said. Instead of a velvet curtain, guests enter through the garage door, ceremoniously opened by the producer and his sidekick, Pete Scifo. Among Kelseythe guests were actors Gilbert Gottfriedthe musicians Chris Frantz Talking Heads and Gino Vanelliactress Stephanie SzostakCNN presenter and journalist Alisyn Camerota and presenter of today’s show Craig Melvin.

But it’s not just interviews, Brian and Pete produce other elements and sprinkle them into each episode. Things like reading rejection letters from guests, entering businesses with the name “celebrity” looking for celebrities, there’s even a model train built into the set, with which Pete delivers drinks to Brian and his guest.

Kelsey began his career as a radio host and voice actor working with howard stern, Martha Stewart, and has made regular appearances on the “Today Show”, FOX and HGTV. Kelsey is a licensed contractor and starred in a short-lived home improvement TV show on NBC titled Kelsey on the house.”

Contact Pete Scifo: [email protected]203-650-0206

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For more info on the show, watch the promo at youtu.be/qKQgPrOnBaY or visit TenMinutesWith.com.

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