Swiggy identifies viral man on horseback and reveals ‘horse hunt’ is over

The rigorous search for a supposed Swiggy delivery agent on horseback with a Swiggy bag strapped to his back has finally come to an end as the food delivery company has successfully identified the mysterious man. The recent viral video that showed an unidentified man delivering food while riding a horse had created a real buzz on the internet. So much so that Swiggy had offered to provide a cash reward of Rs 5,000 to anyone who could identify the man.

Watch the viral video here. https://twitter.com/Swiggy/status/1544298897060683781

However, ending the horse chase, Swiggy announced that they had been able to identify the “delivery manager” and recounted his reasons for riding with a Swiggy bag strapped to their back. In typical Swiggy fashion, the food delivery company took to Twitter and shared a Q&A-style press release that cleared up any doubts from netizens. “Okay enough horse,” Swiggy captioned on Twitter, adding a horse emoji at the end.

https://twitter.com/Swiggy/status/1545793618358575106/photo/2 In the press release, Swiggy clarified that the man was a 17-year-old named Sushant, who was “not a delivery executive” but a “typical teenager” who, after borrowing things, apparently forgets to return them.

“He’s 17, Sushant. He’s not a Swiggy delivery boy, but a typical teenager who borrows things and forgets to return them. In this case, what he borrowed was the Swiggy delivery bag. Currently, he helps in a stable in Mumbai, where he is a horse courier, that is to say, he takes care of dressing the horses for the wedding processions,” the statement read. Swiggy further clarified that the horse’s name was neither “Toofan” nor “Bijli” as suggested by Twitteratis, before revealing the animal’s real name. Swiggy further explained that the Swiggy bag that first sparked speculation that the man carrying food actually contained “curtains and embroidered accessories” to decorate horses for weddings.

“Before you jump to any gender-neutral conclusions about the animal, we’d like to confirm that the horse’s name is Shiva… These were curtains and embroidered accessories that are put on the horses to prepare them for the wedding processions.” Furthermore, the press release also mentioned that on the fateful day the video went viral, Sushant was returning home from a wedding and the video was captured by a man named Avi, who was awarded the 5000 awards in money, as promised by Swiggy.

Swiggy concluded the press release by writing, “No animals were harmed during this horseback hunt. We care for all animals, including most ‘social animals’.” (ANI)

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