Stylish Home Color Trends for 2022

A new year brings opportunities to refresh your living space and add color to your life. Here are four trends that aim to incorporate more of you and your lifestyle into your home, whether it’s fulfilling your need for a serene escape or refueling with a dynamic environment.

Bring in nature

Soothing earthy tones help bring a sense of calm and balance indoors. When designing with nature in mind, use gray-green tones to connect your aesthetic to the serene elements of the outdoors. Incorporate nature’s palette with greens in fabrics, accessories and even on the walls.

Wood and stone materials naturally complement these shades for a pleasant and peaceful look.

Elegant refinement

If you want to inject some sophistication with an update to a favorite space, opt for a monochromatic look in a dark (almost black) hue. The approach is both bold and classic, but the secret is to find a shade that’s rich and deep, but not quite black, then complement it with fabrics and furnishings that let the pop of color shine through.

Connect with your inner self

Creating a living space that is uniquely your own requires understanding your inner motivations, traits, and talents. A personal inspiration can be your zodiac sign, a reflection of the Earth’s orientation to the sun on your birthday.

The color experts at Valspar Paints teamed up with astrologers Ophira and Tali Edut (the AstroTwins) to explore the intersection of character and style by explaining which Valspar 2022 Color of the Year best aligns with each zodiac sign, helping you create a luxurious space that reflects the true you.

Sunset Curtains is Valspar’s 2022 color of the year chosen as the best for Aries.


RAM: Sunset Curtains, a warm and soothing color that supports a year of transformation full of new opportunities

Taurus: Golden linen, a clean and comfortable color that makes open spaces perfect for celebrating conviviality

Gemini: Gray Suit, a color of warmth and versatility, a signature suit for Geminis

Cancer: Delightful Moon, a bright and playful color that inspires a year of growth and adventure

Leo: Mountain River, a dark and dreamy color that invites inspiration for a year filled with abundance

Virgin: Subtle Peach, a harmonious color that works well with others but can also stand on its own

Balance: Orchid Ash, a fresh, airy color that’s kept simple so Libras can focus on a year of vitality

Scorpio: Fired Earth, a warm, approachable color that’s perfect for Scorpios who plan to bring new people into their lives this year

Sagittarius: Rustic Oak, a relaxing and comforting color that welcomes comfort into the new year

Capricorn: Blanched thyme, a refreshing tone to accompany the change in a year of variety

Aquarius: Country Charm, a shade that provides warmth and stability for a year of productivity

Pisces: Lilac Lane, a playful pastel shade that brings softness, optimism and renewal

Add comfort and warmth

Treating your home like a sanctuary never goes out of style, and one way to create a calming and inviting space is to use cozy neutrals. Whether applied to a bedroom or a livelier space like the living room, a neutral palette can add comfort and warmth to the appeal.

Keep the visual interest strong by incorporating subtle patterns, textures and layers of complementary neutral colors.

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