Scenes from an evening of art and culture


Dance Arts Los Alamos ballerinas are set to preview their next show, ‘Ratcracker’, at Friday night’s arts and culture night. The preview took place at the Los Alamos Little Theater. From left to right, Maya Clausen, Dayna Glover, Sofia Lebensohn, Elise Chavez and Isabella Bailey are getting ready in the green room of the theater. To celebrate National Arts and Humanities Month and all forms of local artistic talent, Los Alamos Arts Council hosted the 2021 Arts and Culture Night. with support from Los Alamos Creative District Friday Night at venues in downtown Los Alamos. Photo by Kirsten Laskey /

Dance Arts Los Alamos director Jonathan Guise discusses his original ballet, ‘Ratcracker’ during ‘An Evening of Arts and Culture’ Friday night, which was interrupted by the city’s blackout. Photo by Kirsten Laskey /

Gracie Kainelli of Los Alamos Little Theater (LALT) is leading a tour of the theater on Friday night’s “An Evening of Arts and Culture”. LALT is a non-profit association run entirely by volunteers. To learn more about LALT or to make a donation, visit Photo by Kirsten Laskey /

A group of people get a glimpse of what is behind the stage curtain at the small Los Alamos theater on a tour, which was part of Friday night’s “An Evening of Arts and Culture”. Photo by Kirsten Laskey /

LALT’s prop room was filled with items such as 1940s and 1950s suitcases and swords, both real and wooden. Photo by Kirsten Laskey /

LALT’s walk-in closet. Photo by Kirsten Laskey /

LALT’s costume section includes an authentic WWI uniform as well as WWII uniforms and several wedding dresses. Photo by Kirsten Laskey /

Artist Erin Scott creates a work of art Friday night at the Los Alamos Teen Center. His painting in person was part of “An Evening of Arts and Culture”. Photo by Kirsten Laskey /

Artist Erin Scott uses her bare hands to create her work. Photo by Kirsten Laskey /

In the spirit of “An Evening of Arts and Culture,” Crystal Hollon, a staff member at the Teen Center, models a wreath that she herself made out of Barbie doll heads and paint. Photo by Kirsten Laskey /

No electricity? No problem… the show must go on! Even during the city-wide blackout on Friday night, the SaxAtomix serenades the crowds at the Boese Bros. Brewery. in Central Park Square. Photo by Kirsten Laskey /

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