Ronnie and Georgia from The Block kick off the renovation of their century-old home

Ronnie and Georgia have renovated many properties both on The block and in their professional life.

Now they are embarking on their most personal project to date: renovating their own home, which is a century-old wooden cottage.

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The Perth couple revealed in a series of Instagram stories that they had submitted plans for most of the construction with the council.

While they’re waiting for construction majority approval, there’s one area they don’t need to wait for OK to start working on.

Ronnie and Georgia have therefore officially launched their renovation with this space.

Ronnie and Georgia are renovating their house. (Instagram)

“Guess what? We got bored and started today,” Georgia said, prompting a comment from Ronnie about the use of the word “we.”

“Because I run projects and my friend Ron is the bully, he’s the strength, he’s the muscle. If anybody can do it, the RonDog can do it,” Georgia replied.

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Like most renovations, Ronnie and Georgia’s project began with demolition work.

“I have flashbacks,” Ronnie said of their time on The block.

Ronnie and Georgia The Block Renovation
Ronnie remembered The Block when he started the demo work in this room. (Instagram)

Once the walls were removed, Ronnie and Georgia could see that the room had no insulation, which means this is one of the first tasks they will need to complete in the space.

“A hundred years ago, insulation hadn’t been invented yet, so you can imagine how freezing that house is in the winter and how hot it is in the summer,” Georgia explained.

Ronnie has started working on the room by straightening the walls, then he will add insulation and bring in an electrician to move outlets. Once that’s done, Ronnie can start gyprocing the walls.

Ronnie and Georgia have kept fans updated on the progress of their renovation every step of the way so far, including research and planning.

They hinted that the project will include a backyard renovation, kitchen update and a new sunroom.

The renovation comes a few years after Ronnie and Georgia made some updates to the property to freshen up the space and keep it in good condition until they can start major work.

One of the updates was a makeover of their kitchen, which involved updating the cabinets with a fresh coat of paint. The couple used the same green paint they chose for their master bedroom on The block 2021.

The Ronnie and Georgia Block
Ronnie and Georgia’s kitchen before and after their makeover. (Instagram)

They also updated the benches, installed floating shelves and turned an Ikea tablecloth into a curtain.

Ronnie and Georgia shared before and after images on Instagram, prompting followers to ask why they were renovating this room when it looked so beautiful.

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“Unfortunately the cupboards are all falling apart – excited for our new kitchen which will be part of our extension,” they replied to a follower in the comments.

Another amazing update Ronnie and Georgia made to their home was the concrete stencil of their backyard. It made the space look like it had been tiled, but for a fraction of the cost.

Ronnie and Georgia The Block 2021 DIY
Ronnie and Georgia used a stencil to get the look of a tiled garden without the cost. (Instagram)

Georgia shared a tutorial on how to stencil concrete after fans went wild on their backyard floor in another Instagram post.

“You all went crazy on the floor,” Georgia captioned her video. “It’s actually 40 square meters of hand-painted concrete, which took us about three days. It was a temporary, cost-effective solution to spruce up a really ugly space.”

More recently, Ronnie and Georgia refreshed their outdoor space by using a pressure washer to clean the front facade. They also used a laser level to trim their hedge, proving once again that little touches like painting and cleaning can really revive a space.

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Ronnie and Georgia competed on The block in 2021 and 2017.

Although their homes weren’t the most profitable on auction day, they were beautifully designed and styled, resulting in the couple taking home the most pieces revealed in 2021.

Given how amazing Ronnie and Georgia’s previous home renovations are and To block houses have been, we can’t wait to see what they will do with their renovation.

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