Rave Review Designer Josephine Bergqvist’s Stockholm Wedding Was a Mix of Old and New

There was no doubt that fashion designer Josephine Bergqvist and filmmaker Jens Löfgren’s summer wedding in the Stockholm archipelago would feature ‘something old’. That’s because Bergqvist is co-founder of Rave Review, a Swedish brand focused on using existing materials.

“When I first started thinking about the dress, I obviously wanted something upcycled and something very meaningful for Rave Review…. One of my first ideas was to have a lace corset dress,” said Bergqvist on a call, she turned to Old Touch, a trusted source for vintage in Stockholm and an early collaborator, where she found old lace, hundreds of years old, that s “Fall apart easily, which meant repairs had to be made after each fitting. What another bride might have found daunting, Bergqvist saw as an opportunity.

“When the lace broke, I patched it up with other lace materials,” says Bergqvist. “So there are a lot of patches and also these embroideries where you can see J + J, which are our initials. Our trainees participated in the embroideries, [adding] ‘love’ and hearts and stuff – and there’s a blue heart that’s hidden on the dress. This type of tattoo technique on a typically romantic material matched the “slightly sexy” vibe that Bergqvist was looking for. The side slit, an idea taken from a tartan dress from Rave Review’s latest collection, also helped with this effect.

The dress was revealed ahead of the ceremony as the couple and their wedding party traveled the two-hour journey from Stockholm city to the island of Grinda on a 150-year-old steamer with wooden interiors. Guests disembarked first, then the couple walked down a jetty to join them, as a band played their favorite love song, “Yours to Keep” by the Teddybears. “Everyone was looking at us and then we started crying. I think I lost it there, so some of the images are like me crying, or both of us, Jens was actually worse,” Bergqvist recalled.

Since the ceremony was taking place right on the water – and because she wanted one – the designer wore a gorgeous trailing robe-style bridal coat made of two second-hand duvets with flowers washed out with an “almost whitewashed” effect. Sun “. “There was just enough [material] to make the sleeves from the elements that I cut out of the real coat,” says Bergqvist. The patterned dress complemented Löfgren’s custom Rave Review costume, created from retro curtains.

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