QB Kenny Pickett no longer seems like a great option

The Steelers signed Mitchell Trubisky, but will still be looking for a franchise quarterback. Here’s why Kenny Pickett might not fit.

Fans and the media have mixed opinions about the 2022 quarterback class. However, one player most Steelers fans have a soft spot for is Pitt QB Kenny Pickett. The redshirt senior has spent the past four seasons starting on Saturdays for the Panthers at Heinz Field and there’s a swarm of Pittsburgh loyalists who would love to see him continue his playing career in Pittsburgh.

Although it sounds like a movie script script, I don’t believe Pickett is the quarterback this team needs. The way dominoes fall, the Steelers should aim elsewhere. Here are three reasons why Pickett isn’t a great option for the Steelers:

Steelers don’t need pro-ready prospect with Trubisky

After the Pittsburgh Steelers signed Mitch Trubisky this offseason, I immediately thought of Kenny Pickett and why he makes even less sense to draft than before. Most would agree that Pickett is the most pro-ready prospect in this draft. He’s a guy who could step in and start in week one if a team needed him.

However, with Trubisky signed, I don’t know if Pickett would be a starter for the Steelers right away. While redshirting a quarterback isn’t usually a bad thing, it might be in this case. Pickett will turn 24 in early June. Assuming he spent his entire rookie season in a redshirt, he’ll be 25 before he sees the NFL field on Sunday.

Obviously, we have seen that good quarterbacks can last a long time in this league. But if the Steelers plan to go with Trubisky from the gate (regardless of their draft), wouldn’t it make more sense to take a younger QB with more upside?

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