Project Runway Season 19, Episode 10 Recap: The Real Housewives

Welcome to the future: we are in 2022 and the Real housewives always controls the waves. In the spirit of this truth, this week Project track Episode brings the two franchises together for a customer challenge, in which our remaining designers must manifest a look worthy of the next Special Reunion of the Divas. Let’s put aside the fact that this crossover is such a low fruit that it’s almost laughable. Potomac The Grande Dame Karen Huger is here! Gizelle Bryant apparently wants to look like a tanned Barbie! Leah McSweeny covets a “sexy Disney Princess” dress! With such boisterous opinions bouncing off the walls of the workroom, something is about to go wrong.

As soon as Christian introduces the ladies to the contestants, our beloveds are immediately split in two: some (i.e. Bones and Chasity) begin to roar as the housewives march down the runway. The others (notably Anna and Shantall) seem to have no idea what they’re supposed to be so excited about.

The designers hook up with their randomly assigned clients, who include Shannon Beador and Gina Kirschenheiter from The Real Housewives of Orange County; Gizelle, Karen and Dr Wendy Osefo from The real housewives of the Potomac; more Léa and Luann de Lesseps from The real housewives of New York. Problems arise in moments, as women seem equally confident in their wish lists and confused about what is actually working on their bodies.

Dr Wendy tells Kristina she wants to show off her ‘new breasts’ and ‘new butt’, while Shannon pleads with Bones to cover her stomach and arms, drape her in a knee-length dress and stay away. color. And Leah throws several puzzling ideas at Coral; she wants butterflies (?) on a Disney Princess (??) dress in an eye-catching color, but preferably emerald green or navy blue.

Coral, bless her, chooses to ignore these suggestions altogether. At Mood, the team has 30 minutes and a whopping $ 700 budget to find the perfect fabrics, and Coral almost immediately gravitates to chunky nude lace, aesthetically similar to the macrame she specializes in. It’s a risky move, but she takes the plunge and grabs yards by armload.

Back in the workshop, Bones and Chasity are having trouble with the ebony fabrics they brought home from the store. Chasity’s beaded material unraveled as she hammers the adornments, and Bones’ vision struggles to materialize among Shannon’s narrow settings. Even Anna, usually so poised, seems lost in a strip of her black fabric. When she shows Christian the pointy-shoulder top she put on her model, he is impressed, but as soon as she mentions the pencil skirt she is planning next, he closes the idea immediately: “No.” He begs her to manipulate, texture, whatever to make a pencil skirt more innovative than its contemporary flight attendants. It was only at Shantall station that he seemed truly inspired. He suggests that she play with his concept for Luann by transforming her fledgling wrap dress into a dramatic half-costume half-lingerie ensemble. To co-opt his eternal slogan: “Fabominable. “

the Real housewives arrive on the Project track together.

Greg Endries / Bravo

When our models – ahem, housewives – flock, their reactions are predictable; no need to speculate what they think. Leah, practically screaming, is obsessed with Coral’s all-nude look. (Coral is so relieved that she throws her arms around Leah’s neck like a sorority sister). Meanwhile, Dr Wendy has serious reservations about Kristina’s pink outfit. “I just thought we were going to show off my legs because I have beautiful legs!” ” she moans.

At first, this sideways look seems playful, but the mood changes once Kristina realizes how little Dr. Wendy likes design. As the housewife blinks sullenly at her reflection in the mirror, Kristina bursts into tears, a turn of events that causes her client to feign shock: “What did I say?” ? In Dr. Wendy’s mind, Kristina’s design is an act of defiance, not miscommunication. She asked for something that accentuated her bust and butt; the bustier and wide pants do neither.

Kristina, who is now openly crying, burns a cigarette on Anna and stumbles outside to smoke, proclaiming, “She’s such a diva; I can’t work with this. While we conveniently ignore the irony of that statement, it certainly isn’t a good look for Kristina in Dr. Wendy’s eyes.

Fortunately, it’s the end of a long day, and by the time Kristina makes juice from celery sticks the next morning, she’s ready to exorcise her demons. During breakfast, she steps out onto the rooftop terrace with Bones, and in search of stress relief, they both give blood-curdling screams straight into the New York skyline. I’m sure passers-by on the street below considered this relatively normal, by Manhattan standards, anyway.

Project track episode 1910 of housewives pictured lr shannon storms beador, brian
Shannon seems delighted with what Bones is up to.

Greg Endries / Bravo

As everyone rushes to put the finishing touches on before parade day, Dr Wendy is still not satisfied. Kristina draped her client’s shoulders in a gigantic pink scarf: “The scarf has to go in the trash; just put it on a way,Gizelle remarks from the key – and Dr. Wendy’s fake smile is so wincing it looks painful.

But, alas, we survived this collaboration without spilling any champagne. The ladies are ready for track day. Let’s dig.

  • I’m not the hot pink type. The color often looks outdated to everyone except Barbie herself. And yet, Gizelle looks absolutely stunning in the asymmetrical jumpsuit Aaron designed for her. The flared pants and fitted corset sing “toga party” meet “business lunch”, and Gizelle is so clearly to feel it.
  • Likewise, I wasn’t sure about Chasity’s one-sided straps and black beading on the ankle-length dress near the hips, but on Grand Dame Karen, these details are flattering and elegant. I’m not sure such a predictable figure shows Chasity’s creativity, but it’s definitely one the client seems to love.
  • Dr. Wendy is next, and I have to stifle a sniffle as she rips the scarf from the second she climbs on the catwalk. Still, I’d say Kristina deserves some credit for that strapless top and metallic pink pants. The design might not be the best of the night – the fit around Dr Wendy’s bust, in particular, looks downright dangerous – but the look feels distinctly Bravo. And hey, we all watch for a reason, right?
  • Anna’s client, Gina, steps out in this point-shouldered top and structured skirt, both in black and silver brocade. I want to love this look, in large part because it’s the fiercest figure of the bunch. But this design does not correspond to the Real housewives feel, nor demonstrate Anna’s usual sophistication.
  • I want to clap when Shannon jumps on the catwalk. She looks so happy, so in love with her own body! This is exactly what a client should feel in the look of a designer. The dress Bones made isn’t very innovative – it’s an LBD, after all – and yet he found smart ways to take risks by adding feathers and asymmetry. Delicious.
  • Nude dresses are notoriously difficult to wear, but they can be done with a stunning effect (see: Zendaya’s Balmain dress), and Coral has done well with Leah’s lace-a-line dress. It’s eye-catching without being ostentatious, and the movement of the skirt is fascinating to watch.
  • Luann’s half-suit half-corset dress by Shantall is, by far, my favorite. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something that perfectly combines the intimate and the professional in a dress. The choice to use navy blue fabric and black lace is so clever, subverting the expected colors of “business attire” to create something new. And that high slit skirt? Phew!

    When the judges — with the addition of a guest judge and Real housewives host Andy Cohen – break the scores down, they almost all agree: Shantall’s look is the winner. “You could not have presented [Luann’s] body better, “Elaine told Shantall, while Brandon admits” that’s probably one of my highest scores ever. ” They feel the same way about the designs of Bones and Coral, who each receive a few marks but ultimately make it to the next round. Aaron deserves extra praise: Nina tells a hot pink Gizelle that ‘you look like you’ve been ripped off’ which could be one of the most hysterical things I’ve ever heard from Nina’s mouth .

    After narrowly escaping elimination (following a scathing remark that her Grand Dame dress is the one the judges “have already seen”), Chasity escapes into the living room. This leaves Kristina and Anna downstairs. The judges are frustrated with Kristina’s poor quality with her client, and they fear her choice of metallic fabric will be in poor taste. But Anna gets the brunt of their criticism, as they call her ‘gothic’ top ‘poorly made’ and claim they can’t see her influence in the design itself. Unsurprisingly, but to my horror, Anna is sent home.

    This is the part of competitive shows that I have always found so disappointing, so unscientific. Scores are not counted over several weeks of success; instead, a bad turn can make or break a hot streak. I understand that this urge to live or die is what makes the drama stronger with each episode, and I wouldn’t be a TV writer if I didn’t. to really want to drama. And yet, as I have already mentioned in these recaps, such issues put these very real creators in a precarious position. Who are you, when you are both a personality and a creator on the brink? I can’t wait to see an award for talent that doesn’t quite get the Pilot Frixion Erasable Pen award silver, even when they could. And Anna is one of them. If ever I have a good reason to splurge on a Halloween dress, I know the girl to call.

    In the next episode, we’ll have another intriguing collaboration, this time with a cohort of promising stylists. Christian reveals that designers will put together designs inspired by their models’ hairstyles, which I can only imagine will lead to some unique interpretations. In the meantime, there is always the Real housewives to keep us company.

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