PHOTOS, VIDEO: Visit of a room on the theme “The Princess and the Frog” at Disney’s Port Orleans: Riverside Resort


Last week, Disney’s Port Orleans: Riverside Resort reopened for the first time in 18 months. Now, we give you a glimpse of a refreshed resort room, filled with touches from the Disney animated film “The Princess and the Frog”. This is a standard room with a view of the woods.

You enter this room adjacent to the two queen beds. The floor is dark wood and the walls are a very pale blue.


The two large beds rest on wooden frames that are brighter and more red in color than the floor.


Next to one of the beds is a door to an adjoining room. The bedroom has a ceiling fan to provide extra air on those hot Orlando nights.


Each bed has a headboard with built-in artwork. One bed has a picture of what looks like an old southern plantation house.


A closer look shows what appears to be Tiana and Prince Naveen standing together at the top of the front stairs.


The other art of the headboard seems to be a continuation of the scene. It shows a small bridge crossing the river, with more people on the other side.


Two-light fixtures are located above each bed. Each lamp has a white shade with a red border. The shades have silhouettes of Magnolias.


Between the beds is a bedside table. It is the same wood as the beds. There’s a phone on the nightstand. This room had a take-out guide for Magic magazine. The bedside table also has two electrical outlets and two USB outlets. It also has a drawer.


The chest of drawers and wall-mounted TV are opposite the beds.


A small coffeemaker and several coffee supplies are located above the dresser.


An ice bucket, mugs and mug lids are on the other side of the dresser.


The dresser cabinet opens to reveal a small refrigerator.


Looking to the left of the dresser from the beds, there is a small seating area with two chairs and a mirror above them. The table has a round marble top. The frame of the table and chair is made of wood. This wood is even darker than the ground.


The chairs have leatherette seats with a fabric backrest.

princess-and-frog-bedroom preview

On the other side of the television and the chest of drawers, there is a wall mounted coat rack. The rack has four hangers and a shelf.


The room thermostat is on the wall next to the coat rack.


Under the coat rack is a small green bench.


A painting mounted on the wall next to the beds remains on the New Orleans Riverside theme, but is not directly related to “The Princess and the Frog.”


This painting of a riverboat in action is titled “Mardi Gras Celebration on the Mark Twain”. It was painted by Richard Vaughn in 1984. It comes from the Walt Disney Imagineering Collection.


Looking back towards the entrance we see a window to the right.


Under the window is the room air conditioner. This air conditioning unit appears to have a wooden outer cover.


From a distance, the window curtains appear to be mostly colorless with an unremarkable design. A closer look, however, reveals something more.


The curtains have just a little bit of red and green mixed with off white and gray. Inside the design is a silhouette of Prince Naveen as a frog.


Across the room, from the curtains, is the entrance to the bathroom. The area can be closed off from the rest of the room with a curtain that fills the door. The whole curtain features a scene with Tiana and Naveen from the movie “The Princess and the Frog”.


The curtain opens to reveal the vanity area with an open closet.


Just inside and to the left is the closet. Customers have a shelf and a clothes rail to store their clothes. There are several ready-to-use hangers.


The shelf has an additional pillow and blanket. There is also an iron and ironing board.


There is a safe to keep valuables safe built into the wall.


A large mirror sits above the sinks. The mirror is backlit.


Under the mirror are two sinks.


The popular Disney Resorts face soap and body lotion are provided to guests.


A round mirror is mounted on a swing arm on the wall next to the mirror.


To the right of the sinks is another door leading to the shower and toilet. This door has a full length mirror.


The back of the door has a hanging hook. There are more hooks hanging on the wall behind the door, next to the shower.


The walls in this room are painted pale blue. There are two towel rails mounted above the toilet. White towels are provided.


The shower curtain has giant red flowers with fireflies flying around them. These are inspired by the red flowers seen in the swamp in “The Princess and the Frog”.


Behind the curtain is a shower head.


Bottles of Disney Resorts body wash, shampoo and conditioner are provided. These bottles cannot be removed or opened. Shower gel is scented with sea salt. Shampoo and conditioner are Sea Marine.

You can watch a video of our tour of the room below:

‘The Princess and the Frog’ Room Tour with Standard Woodland View – Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort

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