Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Gets a Sneak Peek of New Sky Train Stop


Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport will not open its new connection between the terminals and the car rental center until next year, but it has offered a glimpse of what visitors can expect at the interior.

Just before the unveiling of the preserved Paul Coze mural in Terminal 2, Mayor Kate Gallego and City Councilor Yassamin Ansari guided media on a tour of the new Sky Train stop, showcasing some of the new public artwork at this place.

“We already know Sky Harbor is a world class airport and that will just help us keep that momentum going,” Ansari said.

The design of the terrazzo floors inside the stop was designed by local artist Bill Dambrova. Dubbed “From Earth to Heaven,” the airport said it drew on “human curiosity about Earth and what lies beyond” by imagining when Phoenix was an elder. seabed. Blue can be interpreted as the sea or the sky while the colorful patterns represent marine organisms.

Outside the station, a sculptural weather screen called “Sky Curtain” created by R&R Studios provides public art and a secure barrier for the platform. Both screens are 230 feet long by 9 feet high and consist of five rows of colored steel pipes 2.5 x 1 inch in diameter.

The Rental Car Center stop will open in summer 2022

When the Sky Train station opens, the airport will eliminate shuttles, alleviating traffic congestion near terminal edges and eliminating around 600 tonnes of emissions.

Plus, it should help solve some of the issues with long waits for transportation to the rental car center. The new trains unveiled on the tour will have three cars instead of the current two with the ability to add a fourth car if needed.

Night stop of the PHX Sky Train: Here’s what travelers need to know

“This train can accommodate a lot more people than just putting people on buses, which will be a very good experience for our travelers,” said Gallego.

The station is completed but will not open to the public until summer 2022, as the airport is still in the testing phase to certify its use.

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