Penélope Cruz and Sofia Coppola at the Chanel show in Florence – WWD

FLORENCE— Dimitri Chamblas, Caroline De Maigret and long-time Chanel ambassador Penélope Cruz were invited by Chanel to speak at the masterclass held in Florence ahead of the Métiers d’Art show on Tuesday, and Cruz didn’t hesitate – talking about how important it is to research movie characters and what they would wear – right down to their shoes, and how those accessories affect body language and movement.

“There are so many layers – for example with Pedro Almodovar, we would sit and read and rehearse for three or four months, finding relationships with the character or a story,” Cruz said, donning a blue tweed suit beautifully. with short shorts. .

For Almodovar’s 2009 film ‘Broken Embraces’, ‘it only made sense’ that Lena, portrayed by Cruz, would wear Chanel, and the actress said she felt ‘very lucky’ to have access to the archives by Chanel. “It was a dream project to be able to be with Pedro and go through the archives, but because it was so good for Lena. It’s never about things that look good, it’s about finding pieces that will give truth and credibility to this character,” she stressed.

“Everything has to be chosen months in advance. Pedro will choose everything from a fabric curtain to any material, but he will be very open to listen to what we feel in the spaces and the atmosphere, so there will never be any surprises.

For the movie “Don’t Move,” based on a book by Margaret Mazzantini, one of her favorites, Cruz said she shopped with the author for the right clothes.

Cruz expressed concerns about technology, which “can be your best friend or your worst enemy”, and how it can harm younger generations. “I’m really worried about how we use technology,” and speaking of her own parental guidelines on the subject, she said she was “strict and didn’t feel guilty about it.”

Asked about her thoughts on the Metaverse, she said, “I have a lot of resistance going that way and I don’t need to have the conversation. I feel like I’m going in the opposite direction. If it was for me, I would have stayed in the 90s – forever,” she said with a laugh.

“It’s harder for the younger generations, we were able to grow up with permission to be bored,” she said.

Speaking to WWD before the show, Cruz said two of her films will be released in a few months, “L’immensità” shot in Rome and “En los margenes” by Juan Diego Botto, which she also produced. “I just saw it last week and I’m in love. It’s wonderful and Juan Diego is a really special author, he created something very magical and I’m really proud of this film,” she said. declared.

As she tries to “make a movie every couple of years” because they take a long time to finish and she wants to be there for her kids, she wants to challenge herself, look for “more challenging and more exciting” which are “Interesting and different.” And, in addition to her talent and beauty, she brings to the table her ability to film films in four different languages: Spanish, French, Italian and English.

Next to Cruz at the show, Sofia Coppola said that, surprisingly, it was her first time in Florence. “I’ve only ever crossed by car, and it was really nice to spend the day, I was able to go to the Uffizi and walk around, it was really nice,” she said.

This time, the director did not have the opportunity to stop in Basilicata, where her father Francis Ford Coppola owns the magnificent Palazzo Margherita. “I would love to go, but I have to go back to New York,” she said, busy writing a play. “But it’s just the beginning, it’s not together yet,” she politely hesitated, when asked for details.

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