New Classic hosts ‘royal’ going out party at High Point Premarket

HIGH POINT – New Classic gave High Point Premarket attendees a first look at one of its biggest product introductions, which spans nine new collections and takes up the entire fourth floor of the downtown showroom building. ‘company.

The new Royal Classic assortment features ornate classic European designs in a myriad of finishes including bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms. “This is a collection-based customer,” New Classic president Scott Hill told Furniture Today. “If they buy the bedroom, they want the dining room. If they buy the dining room, they want the living room. It’s the look that is important to them.

To reflect this consumer attribute, the floor was marketed by collection rather than by piece, and the company encourages its sales team and customers to present it that way. “Selling it this way will allow retailers to create bigger tickets,” Hill explained.

Pieces in the collections feature ornate moldings, carvings and hardware reflecting the formal, classic European style that inspired the assortment.

To create the proper setting for the massive introduction, the company renovated the entire fourth floor of its downtown High Point showroom; a project that lasted more than a year. The redesign includes murals reminiscent of the Palace of Versailles in Paris and colorful floor-to-ceiling curtains above the windows to create a luxurious backdrop reflecting the design aesthetic of the assortment.

Hill described Royal Classic as an “affordable enhancement” assortment that will allow retailers to offer high perceived value while achieving affordable prices. For example, the Palazzo Montecito Collection features a huge four-poster king-size bed with an ornate metal scroll canopy priced to allow the company’s container customers to reach a retail price of $1,299 at full markup. . The entire Palazzo Montecito collection can be marketed in 2,000 square feet on the retail floor.

Although Royal Classic has a strong design point of view, it’s a look that appeals to a customer base that can be found in most markets across the country, according to Hill. “Every community in the United States has pockets of this customer,” he said.

He noted that the company is seeking patents for certain attributes on seven of the initial nine collections.

A release party is planned for October’s High Point Market, the theme of which will match the new Royal Classic assortment.

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