Mona Lisa goes to India: Lisa ben to Shona Lisa, campaign drapes Leonado da Vinci’s creation in a sari

Earlier this month, ReshaWeaves, a fabric company that deals in natural fiber products, shared their online campaign featuring Mona Lisa in various Indian weaves. The well-edited and creative campaign featured Mona Lisa with the local names in keeping with the regional saree the Italian noblewoman wears.

The first article, titled “Mona in Six Yards Across India”, showed the Mona Lisa dressed in what appears to be a sumptuous silk saree from Murshidabad, along with accessories and a large red bindi, typical of Bengali Hindu brides. In this article, Mona Lisa is referred to as “Shona Lisa”.

The following posts showed Mona Lisa in various avatars such as Maharani Lisa from Rajasthan, Lisa Mol from Kerala, Lisa Tai from Maharashtra, Lisa Devi from Bihar and Lisa Mami from Tamil Nadu among others. In one post, they show the South Delhi version of Mona Lisa dubbed “Lisa Mausi” who is seen in her posh glory with a designer bag, iPhone and sunglasses.

Mona Lisa edits from these Instagram posts have gone viral on platforms like Twitter and Reddit where they garner thousands of likes.

Commenting on Indian versions of Mona Lisa, one Twitter user wrote: “This Indian habit of calling strangers as aunt, uncle etc. is viewed strangely around the world where the norm is madam or sir. Here, everyone wants to relate to everyone instead of addressing people by name or formally.

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