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The following news items were taken from the Mail Tribune archives 100 years ago

November 2, 1921


The county court in session today is considering whether to build a second story over the new county vault currently under construction, and use it as a jury room, given that the new law allowing women to he acting as jurors came into effect on January 1, 1922, and the current jury room was inadequate and lacked premises suitable for the new order. The next regular jury roll for the February term will contain the names of women eligible for service.

The law requires the county court to provide toilets, mirrors and other aids for the health and accommodation of female jurors.

The proposed vault addition will span the northeast corner of the courthouse and is adjacent to the circuit room, and by cutting a door into the wall, it could be turned into a jury room, and with little additional expense. The current jury room would be divided into a chamber for the circuit judge and larger quarters for the county school superintendent.

The County Court, in the morning session, checked the monthly bills and handled day-to-day business.


James (Shine) Edwards’ new trial on a charge of selling alcoholic beverages will be called at the end of this case, and Edwards will go to trial this week on the second indictment against him, alleging the same offense.

District Attorney Rawles Moore this morning asked the court to hold the retrial this week, but the court dismissed the plea on the grounds that the trial of the case with the current jury roll would be “an unnecessary expense to the county because many of the jurors were excluded from service. Many jurors heard some of the evidence at trial which resulted in disagreement after 14 hours of deliberation.

The court intends to use the current jury roll to try the Raleigh Matthews case scheduled for next Monday and to call in a newcomer for the remainder of the term.

The prosecutor also requested that an extension be granted in this case, but no action was taken by the court.


During Halloween night, thoughtless boys damaged a number of cars parked on Avenue de Genève, the occupants of which were attending a party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Scott Davis, drawing lines and drawings on the bodies of the cars with hard chalk that scratched through the varnish. Each car will need to be refinished.

Among the damaged cars were JW Johnson’s new Buick Six, Vernon Vawter’s new Packard, and Judge M. Purdin and Ed Trowbridge cars. Another citizen reported to police yesterday afternoon that the curtains of his car were cut Monday evening in another part of the city.

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