Introducing “Scare You To Sleep”: an original horror fiction podcast from the Bloody Disgusting Podcast Network!

The Bloody and Disgusting Podcast Network grows! This week we are excited to announce our two new additions. You can read it all on our video game podcast, Secure room here, or keep reading to learn more about scare you SleepReddit’s Guided Nightmares, Scary Stories and Dark Tales!

To present yourself well Scare you to sleep we sat down with the creator Shelby Scottto talk about all things horror, podcasting and horror podcasting!

Tell us about you?

I never know what to answer to this question! I’m Shelby Scott, I’m the podcast host Scare you to sleep. I am a horror author. I live in Los Angeles, California. I also like baking and long walks on the beach. I am an organ donor. My eyes are brown and my blood type is…

What is Scare you to sleep everything on?

Scare you to sleep is my little experiment to bring relaxation and horror together. I feel like a lot of us use horror as an escape. So I read in a softer tone as if I were reading you a bedtime story! I also like to use really immersive sound effects to deepen that sense of being in this world (even if those sound effects give you goosebumps). So people can step away from their daily monsters to encounter my fictional monsters for a little while each week.

Why did you join the Bloody Disgusting Network?

I’ve been a huge Bloody Disgusting fan from the start. It was my favorite website in high school and it continues to be a treasured part of my life. When I was asked to be part of the network, I was emotionally transported to the family computer in the early 2000s, dreaming of one day writing my own horror stories. I was thrilled to be able to be a part of and contribute to something that brought me so much joy.

What do you do in your free time?

Free time? I never heard that. Haha, when I have free time, I love visiting all the museums. I also collect old books, so I love going to used bookstores and sitting on the floor and pouring on them for hours.

What’s your favorite horror movie/game/show?

The scariest horror game I’ve ever played was always PT, or “playable trailer”. I still have a PlayStation with a copy of it, a rare and valuable commodity these days! I feel like nothing I’ve played since has scared me, like, my body fighting against me and refusing to walk down the hall in fear.

How did you end up in podcasting?

I was a big fan of podcasts, and at one point one of my own horror stories was featured on the No Sleep podcast, which was such an honor. I realized it was a great way to spread my own stories while creating some sort of weird horror for relaxation or sleep. At the time I thought it was too specialized and no one would listen, I was happy to see that there was so much interest in my weird little idea.

What other podcast do you think everyone should listen to?

I have a few!

  • watch if you darewhich is a great horror movie review show, they really know their stuff and I’ve been a guest a few times.
  • twisted mirrorwhich is the Nina G. Jones show featuring all her own stories, she’s just a fantastic horror writer.
  • Thirteen Podcastvery moody and quirky horror, some of their episodes had me sleeping with the lights on.

Do you have any fun plans for the future of your show?

I would really like to eventually release a companion book for the series. It’s still the dream! I will also be adding more video versions of some of the stories made without sound effects for those who really want that feeling of someone just reading them a story.

What are the three episodes people should listen to? And why?

God will provide: it’s a listener favourite, which is flattering because it’s the one I wrote, it’s the most talked about in my show’s Facebook group, so I think it’s a good start. It’s set in both modern times and during the Dust Bowl in Oklahoma when people were very desperate, that’s all I’ll say!

Horror: A True Story: is a great example of the classic horror stories (or dusty old stories as I call them) that I like to highlight in the series. The Victorian era in particular saw a huge boom in ghost stories and a lot of them are sort of forgotten, so I like to breathe new life into them for a modern audience.

good hair:This one is from an author named Nina G. Jones who does a beautifully terrifying job of showcasing the struggles POC goes through to be fetishized and brutalized when it comes to societal beauty standards. Very graphic.

You can listen Scare you to sleep wherever you listen to podcasts, and can also catch up with Shelby on Twitter, instagramor support her on Patreon!

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