Indiana Jones 5 time travel could be awesome (despite Crystal Skull aliens)


Indiana Jones 5’s time travel plot might offer great story possibilities, but it must avoid the traps of the Crystal Skull aliens.

Indiana Jones 5 seems to involve a journey through time, which could offer great possibilities for history, provided that the pitfalls of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skullaliens. The fifth film is currently in production, with Harrison Ford again sporting the wide brimmed fedora for one final adventure. Director James Mangold takes the director’s chair after Steven Spielberg leaves, although he remains as producer.

The Indiana Jones the films started out as tributes to the adventure series of the 1930s, although creator George Lucas broke the genre by adding supernatural elements to it. The Raiders of the Lost Ark had the Ark of the Covenant unleashing the blinding power of God. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom deals with black magic, while Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade played with the idea of ​​eternal life. Supernatural elements are still present in the original Indiana Jones trilogy, but they don’t overwhelm the adventure. Conversely, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull pushed the supernatural element more to the fore, as actual aliens – or interdimensional beings – and a spaceship end up on screen. Between that and the wackiest elements of the film (Indy surviving a nuclear explosion in a leaded refrigerator), Crystal skull pushed the concept into the absurd. The film pulled the supernatural curtain too far and overloaded the film with unnecessary CGI.

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Time travel is just as important “the low“idea for Indiana Jones 5, and which at first glance seems close to repeating Kingdom of the Crystal Skull problems. However, the concept of time travel could work if executed correctly. The Indiana Jones movies are at their best when McGuffin is tied in with Indy’s character development. In The Raiders of the Lost Ark and Cursed temple he is more concerned with the Ark and the Stones as a prize to be won in the settings of “fortune and fame“, although in the end humbly acknowledges their deeper value and comes to respect them as more than just treasures. Last crusade, the quest for the Holy Grail is intrinsically linked to Indy’s reconnection with his estranged father. It is Indiana Jones’ emotional journey as a character that makes him such a bearable hero generation after generation. So that time travel is rewarded Indiana Jones 5, it must also be linked to the journey of Indy’s character.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Harrison Ford

Taken at face value, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has all the makings of a classic Indy movie. The father / son storyline returns, with Indy now in the father role, but it crucially neglects to connect the skulls to Indiana’s character development. The same goes for Indy’s rekindled romance with Marion. It happens at the same time, but it is not related to the quest, and therefore does not connect. For Indiana Jones 5, Harrison Ford is almost 80 years old, and time travel as an idea has real relevance to an older Indiana Jones who is nearing the end of his adventures. Elements of regret or the desire to change a moment in your past or history are time travel matters that might fit well as a farewell to a beloved character. There’s a big room for emotional travel for the character with time travel as a hook, regardless of its odd concept.

Visuals for how time travel is presented should fit into the established look of the franchise. Any current blockbuster can include dazzling sequences of time and space racing in a flurry of CGI. However, it would be a bad decision for Indiana Jones 5. The original films are a triumph of old-fashioned effects, and viewing time travel should capture the feel of the original. Indiana Jones films, although modern effects are used. If they can hook up Indy to the McGuffin and capture the feel of the old movies, then time travel could work in Indiana Jones 5 where the supernatural elements in Crystal skulls failed.

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  • Indiana Jones 5 (2023)Release Date: June 30, 2023

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