How Dunkin’ Munchkins Really Get Their Shape

The round shape of Munchkin donuts is one of life’s mysteries that has kept us up at night. Luckily, Dunkin’ pulled back the curtain and explained how he creates these snackable donuts. Dunkin’s news sites explains that these yeast cake and donut holes came about to make sure the die-cut centers weren’t wasted. By boston magazine it was actually the wife of franchise owner Robert Demery who came up with the idea.

Edna Demery explained, “I was in the kitchen watching the baker, and I just thought about taking the center of the donut and throwing it in the fryolator… We started making some for the employees. , and then one day I put the uni in a little basket for samples. Finally, we started selling them.”

How are they so round? The donut holes were a hit, so the donut brand decided to invest in creating donut cutters just for Munchkins donut holes. Today, Dunkin’ Munchkins are cut by an automated cutter to create uniform balls of dough that are fried and sold to their fans – young and old. But as fast as they are made, that’s about as fast as some people can eat them. Competitive eater Matt Stonie consumed 155 Munchkins and downed two iced coffees in about six minutes. As unbelievable as it may seem, we’ll stick to eating them slowly.

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