Halloween Kills Psychopathic Easter Egg Explained


Halloween Kills features a clever Easter egg to Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 horror classic Psycho. Here’s where to spot the appropriate tribute in the 2021 film.

Warning: SPOILERS for Halloween kills.

Paying homage to one of the greatest horror films of all time, Halloween kills has a clever psychopath Easter egg in the event of a major death. Long before the arrival of Halloween kills, the original 1978 Halloween The film helped inspire many tropes of the slasher genre, but the first film itself borrowed from its predecessors. Halloween kicked off the slasher craze that would flourish throughout the 1980s, but ’60s horror films and Alfred Hitchcock classics like psychopath has been a source of inspiration for filmmakers.

Among the many Easter eggs in David Gordon Green’s sequel Halloween kills, the psychopath the tribute is the most notable. As such, it is not surprising that the Halloween The main star of the franchise, Jamie Lee Curtis, is the daughter of Janet Leigh, one of the first official “Scream Queens” who played Marion Crane in Hitchcock’s. psychopath. Over the years, Halloween the films and especially Curtis took pleasure in paying homage to the famous role of Leigh. Leigh even made an appearance Halloween H20 in front of his daughter, although Green Halloween the films have found this sequel. As a foreshadowing that psychopath would make his way into the film, Curtis even dressed up in Marion Crane’s outfit for the Halloween kills first.

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Green vegetables psychopath the easter egg is coming to Halloween kills‘ending by mimicking the iconic murder of Marion Crane. As Karen is inside Michael Myers’ house and is looking out the window, he suddenly appears wielding his knife. The sequence is clearly a psychopath tribute, with her quirky killer perspective that doesn’t actually show the knife puncturing the skin, and focuses on Karen’s screams as she tries to block her punches. It takes it one step further as Karen slowly slides along the wall of Michael’s house, much like Marion slides along the shower wall in the Alfred Hitchock movie. The quick edits in Karen’s death scene deviate from Halloween kills‘typical style, proving its psychopath the influence was intentional. The only other aspect that would have made the tribute more obvious is if a dying Karen had slowly reached out.

Karen Nelsen looks out the window in Halloween Kills

Halloween kills the psychopath the tribute was spotted quickly by viewers and later confirmed in interviews as Screen Rant’s chat with actress Judy Greer. Discussing Karen’s death, Greer recalled: “it’s a bit of a tribute to Psycho, which is for Jamie [Lee Curtis] and… very much like a dance and an opera and it’s supposed to be really beautiful. ” Halloween 2018 had no manifesto psychopath nod, however Halloween kills made up for that with Karen’s stylistic demise. It also leaves room for comparisons between Michael and psychopath‘s Norman Bates, who essentially wears the mask of his mother’s identity when he murders Marion.

Halloween 2018 featured a deleted scene that was unmistakable psychopath recall. It depicts British podcaster Dana taking a shower as the camera shows the bathroom door opening with “Michael Myers” slowly entering. Channeling his best impression of Norman Bates, “Michael” pulls the curtain back and prepares his knife – but it’s just the other podcaster playing a prank on his partner. The awkwardness of this streak is probably the reason it was cut. Halloween kills was finally able to pay tribute, and it was all the more significant since the victim in question was Laurie’s daughter, Karen, who will set up an intense confrontation in Halloween ends.

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  • Halloween Ends (2022)Release Date: October 14, 2022

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