Hairstylists Say These 3 Quick Updates for Thinning Hair Hide Signs of Hair Loss

If you see signs of hair loss (bald spots, more hair falling out in the shower, etc.), experts will say re-evaluating your diet and seeing a doctor or hair specialist can help. In the meantime, you can still wear chic and stylish hairstyles that will highlight your facial features and work for any occasion! We consulted professional hairdressers and experts for advice, suggestions and ideas. Read on for quick styling tips and ideas from Ghanima Abdullah, cosmetologist and hairstyling expert at The Right Hairstyles, Dr. Michael Mayhair transplant surgeon and medical director at Wimpole Clinic, and Amr Salemscalp micro-pigmentation specialist at INKredible Scalp.

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1. Switch games

If your piece is in the middle, May suggests moving it to the side or creating a “zigzag” pattern for instant volume. When women lose their hair, May explains, the parting becomes wider. This means that switching parts can make it less noticeable when doing your hair. “When doing a bun, try a new parting or ditch the parting,” he says. “Going from a center parting to a side parting, or even a zigzag parting, can cover bald patches.” One way to style your new side parting, he suggests, is to “pull it back into a messy ponytail.” However, he advises, “remember not to wear those ponytails too tight.” You can also wear an updo that ditches the usual parting and combs the hair all the way back, he adds, “It can make hair appear bulkier by keeping your scalp from peeking out.”

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2. Add statement accessories

Whether you want to add a headband, scarf or other decorative piece, May says it can effectively distract attention from thinning or bald spots. “Using statement accessories on your updo, like floral headbands, brightly colored bows, and clips, can conceal thinning hair,” he says. “Plus, they will distract people from thinning hair.”

Salem agrees and says there are other “tips and tricks you can give to hide thinning hair or hair loss for women, such as wearing a hat, using styling products that contain fibers, or using a temporary dye”. Women have a number of options for hiding thinning hair or hair loss with accessories, he continues. “They can wear a wig, use a scarf or even use styling products.” Updos are “one of the best ways to show off your beautiful face and at the same time cover the bald spots on your scalp,” he continues, because “you can do a bun with long hair, short hair or not even hair at all.” The key, Salem points out, is to be creative in how you style your locks. “You can also use bobby pins to create the illusion of thicker hair by pinning certain sections in different ways,” he suggests.

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3. Add curtain fringe

Adding curtain bangs to any updo is a great way to add more volume and conceal thinning at the front of your scalp, says Abdullah. “Curtain bangs are a type of bangs that create a soft, natural wave at the top of the head. They are often used to frame the face and especially to give it a youthful appearance.” She adds that they have a “classic baby doll look and are suitable for mature women as well.” The style is also “easy to achieve and works for everyone and most hair types,” she notes. The style evolved from straight bangs to wavy bangs, and Abdullah says it’s “now common to see women with curly hair wearing them, like Kerry Washington.”

Curtain bangs “make your face look smaller and slimmer when they come down to cheek level,” Abdullah says. If you have a high forehead, she says they “minimize it effortlessly.”

This is different from the obvious effect of straight cut bangs frequently used to shorten the forehead. “If you wear them at eye level, they emphasize your smile more and can also fill in your cheeks – the baby doll look,” she points out. Ultimately, Abdullah concludes, they “make your hair thicker and are a great way to add volume to thinning hair.” The style works well for women who want to hide thinning hair in the front, especially.

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