Four throwback movies to indulge in a dose of 90s fashion inspiration because nothing compares to TBH

PEDSTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Disney+ to celebrate the magic of movie nights.

It’s 1999. It’s a Friday night and your mom gives you a $10 bill. With a wink, you run ahead, right into Blockbuster.

VHS are lined up like trophies on a shelf, rainbow popcorn that always tasted slightly off is bagged by the counter, and you know you have the responsibility to choose which movie your family wants. will watch about four and a half times over the weekend.

Honestly, nothing will replace that feeling. A rite of passage for any millennial, now the nostalgia can only be comforted by trying to recreate a Friday movie night at home. Disney+ has a bunch of classic movies available to stream with a lot of them coming straight from the golden years AKA the 90s.

If you’re feeling as nostalgic as I am, here are four classic movies that will help you bring the ’90s aesthetic into the ’20s and feel a twinkle of joy all over again.

10 things i hate about you

Few films sum up the 90s better than 10 things i hate about you. A modern adaptation of Shakespeareit is Tame the shrewthis movie catapulted actors like Julia Stiles, health book and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Hollywood stars.

As far as fashion goes, the film is set like a high school romantic comedy, so the clothes are representative of the laid-back aesthetic of the ’90s. Protagonist Kat Sratford nails the flip-flop, khaki, and sweatshirt trend. zip-up hoodie while her younger sister, Bianca, is known for her feminine, floral midi dresses.

Plus, who could forget Bianca’s famous fashion analogy? “
There is a difference between loving and loving. Because I love my Skechers, but I love my Prada backpack. This movie really warms my cold, cold heart.

Cool races

So you want to bathe in the colors of the 90s?

Look no further than Cool races. The film follows a Jamaican bobsled team as they battle the odds of competing in the 1988 Winter Olympics. Obviously for most of the film they are wearing bobsled suits which you could wear if you were very attached to the vibe of the 90s, however, when the team no longer has its stylish sportswear, it is dressed in bright and colorful t-shirts. and shorts. The film also celebrates a bold tie-dye moment and what’s more 90s than that?

The parent trap

I know twins Annie James and Hallie Parker (both played by the iconic Lindsay Lohan) are 11 years old. Saying that, there might not be a 90s movie that influenced my fashion sense more than The parent trap. From Meredith Blake’s mother-in-law vibe to the twins’ blend of British prep and California flair, The parent trap really has all the 90s aesthetic you could ever need. Camp sportswear in fancy tweed, and even an iconic sunglasses moment from Miss Lohan herself, be sure to slip them on for your weekend movie night and revel in the fashions of yesteryear. .

Romeo and Juliet

Oh, Leo. Baz LuhrmanShakespeare adaptation in 1996 Romeo and Juliet (he was a popular guy in the 90s apparently) is what 90s dreams are made of. Throw this movie on for movie night and lose yourself in the mix of 90s fashion with hints of its roots from the 13th century. With bright and colorful shirts, Leonardo DiCapriofloppy curtain hair and Claire Danish‘ vintage, up-do wedding dress is an aesthetic dream.

Romy and Michele’s high school reunion

Romy and Michèle’s high school reunion follows two friends who, at 28, realize their lives aren’t so awesome. Before their ten-year school reunion, the duo invent fake careers to blow their peers away. This film is always praised for its fashion chops with think pieces produced on each anniversary. Toss this movie for movie night for inspiration with chunky heels, fruit accessories and bright colors.

never been kissed

In my opinion, never been kissed is a perfect romantic comedy. It has all the elements of teen comedy with enough adult drama to keep you hooked. This movie was released in 1999, so it’s easy to spot 2000s fashion.

Drew BarrymoreJosie “Grossie” Geller’s performance of having to return to high school as an undercover reporter is enhanced by her extra feather boa costume and baby pink dress as she waits on the baseball field. So cute. keep an eye on Jessica AlbaThe mismatched skirt and baby t-shirt combo from paired with bright green eyeshadow.

Looking for more films that capture the aesthetic of the 90s? Disney+ is your home of vintage movie nights and movies that capture the nostalgia and magic of your childhood. Oh, and RIP, Blockbuster. Always in our hearts.

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