Five things to do this weekend in Memphis: May 13-15

Black Lodge, 405 N. Cleveland

Friday, May 13, 12:30 p.m.-midnight

Everyone knows that strange things must happen on Fridays that happen to be the 13th of the month. And this Friday the 13th coincides with Frog Jumping Day, whose origins come from a short story by Mark Twain, about a man who tricks another man named Jim by betting that his frog can outrun any other frog. Spoiler: The man pours pellets on Jim’s frog when Jim isn’t looking.

Now, why is it important to mention this association between frogs and an unlucky, bloodthirsty day? Well, frogs are usually signs of good luck, but in some cases they are signs of bad luck. (Is that a vague statement? Yes. But that’s also what Google, my go-to source for omens, will tell you.) And, while I’m no fortune teller, I’m willing to bet that when the stars align for Frog Jumping Day, a day born of deception, and Friday the 13th occur simultaneously, we’re in for another Frog Plague. So it’s probably best to stay inside on Fridays and snuggle up to a movie or two or maybe 12. Friday 13 marathon because it’s the season, right?

Black Lodge will be streaming Friday 13 by Friday the 13th: Part VIIfollowed by Jason X and Freddy versus Jason. Drinks and food will be available for purchase; for a full program of free screenings, visit the Lodge’s Facebook.

Ballet Memphis, 2144 Madison

Friday-Saturday May 13-14, 7:30-9 p.m.

Like all unlucky days and weekends, you really have to be careful with your moves. No walking under ladders, no walking over cracks – we can’t have any of that. And if you think that’s unmanageable, you might want to take a choreography lesson to help you plan your moves. And what could be better than observing the crème de la crème?

This weekend, Ballet Memphis presents its annual production of interior works, featuring brand new works choreographed and produced by Ballet Memphis artists in the privacy of Ballet Memphis studios. Tickets can be purchased in line or at the door for a suggested donation of $20, which will benefit the Artists’ Resource Fund, which alleviates financial burdens Ballet Memphis dancers may encounter, such as career transition, travel expenses (eg, for international dancers can go home), illness or injury, or anything else that might create a need.

Raleigh Library, 3452 Austin Peay Highway

Saturday May 14, 11am-3pm

Yes, it’s true that they say to throw a pinch of salt over the left shoulder to avoid harm, especially if you’ve already spilled salt — an act that in itself beckons to the devil. And although I’m anti-evil, it feels like a waste of salt. Think of all the foods that won’t be seasoned – that alone sounds like a bad thing. If you’re interested in putting your salt and other seasonings to good use, and you’re a fan of others doing just that, you might want to attend the Eat This Book festival, where the brand new branch library of Raleigh will celebrate its cookbook/food culture section of its collection as well as Memphis food culture in general.

The day will include vendor and information booths, food trucks, children’s activities, live music, and live chef recipe demonstrations and tastings. The final event of the day will be a festive dance party, and since this is an event hosted by Memphis Public Libraries, you can also browse and purchase some great books!

Crosstown Arts at the Concourse, 1350 Concourse

Saturday May 14, 11am-3pm

If you’re still in the middle of spring cleaning, be gentle with your brooms this weekend. You see, in Brazil they say that if your feet are swept away by a broom, you will remain celibate for the rest of your life. Don’t worry, you can break the curse by immediately spitting on the broom, but that doesn’t sound like the best idea. But when in Brazil, am I right? Oh, you thought you were still in Memphis. Oh no, you’re wrong, because Saturday, Collage Dance Collective, Iris Orchestra and Carpenter Art Garden are all mobilizing to make Crosstown Arts Brazil.

For this free, family-friendly celebration of Brazil, guests can enjoy fine art, live music, dance performances, Capoeira demonstrations, local cuisine and more.

Metal Museum, 374 Metal Museum

Sunday May 15, 3-5 p.m.

I’ve never understood why opening umbrellas indoors is bad luck, but I’m keeping my umbrellas closed this weekend and suggest you do the same. But, sadly, umbrellas aren’t the only things closing this weekend.

Yes, the Metal Museum’s “Evaluating Essentials” exhibit is ending – an exhibit about being grateful for your luck and good fortune when you have it, for items that were there for you when you needed them, things like hand sanitizer or toilet paper or toothbrushes. It’s the little things that can sometimes make you feel lucky.

Becky McDonah, the mastermind behind the reliquaries that house these little things, will give an artist talk at the closing reception. Register in line. Admission is free, but an $8 donation is suggested.

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