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Warning: you have one week left before Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re planning to take your partner out or split the bill with a good friend, securing a reservation on this usually busy weekend night is essential. We’ve got suggestions for five local spots to bring your love (whether romantic or platonic) for a special meal, bowling trip or movie night.

Photo courtesy of Tresca

Celebrate the holidays with a night out in the North End. Tresca serves traditional Italian dishes with an ambiance that makes every meal a special occasion. They offer a special Valentine’s Day menu for $75 per person. Start with the lobster-stuffed mushrooms or Anna Maria’s famous stuffed meatballs. The next course: your choice of fresh pasta, then it’s the main course (if you are beautiful not stuffed). The salmon piccata is a lighter choice or opt for the steak. For dessert, try their donuts or stroll down Hanover Street to one of the many well-known cannoli shops (we’ll let you decide the debate between Mike’s Pastry and Modern Pastry).

Price: $75 per person

The interior of Rosebud Ktichen in Somerville, MA
Photo courtesy of Rosebud

This restaurant has been around since 1941, and in 1999 it was added to the National Register of Historic Places. The spot, in a dining car in the heart of Davis Square, offers creative twists on brunch favorites as well as modern fare. Start dinner off spiced up with Atomic BT’s: roasted jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese and pulled pork, wrapped in bacon and served in homemade barbecue sauce. The shrimp and grits dish is as hearty and authentic as it gets. The sandwiches are cheap and filling, including the Rosebud cheeseburger, as you’d expect, but add bacon and a special sauce. Get two straws and wash it all down with a root beer float for a sweet end to dinner.

Price: $30 to $50

A photo of Boston restaurant The Dial
Photo courtesy of Dial

The Dial defies description, offering a fusion of several cuisines, Latin, Asian, Indian and others. Take advantage of a Valentine’s Day special and order half-shell oysters for $3 each. Opt for the special Valentine’s Day menu or order from their regular offerings. Most dishes are good for sharing, so taste the flavors of different cultures and explore new dishes. Tamales colorados (pork, olives, roasted red peppers and capers) and caldo verde (a Portuguese soup with chorizo, kale and white beans) complement each other well. Those looking for Asian food will enjoy the spicy dan dan noodles and hamachi poke. A sweet bite of Turkish coffee chocolate mousse for dessert crowns a unique multicultural dining experience.

Price: $40 to $60

a photo of the interior of the Hopewell Bar and Kitchen
Photo by Maddie Malhotra (COM’19)

Opened in 2016, this restaurant follows three principles: serving delicious food and drinks, taking pride in its work and remembering its roots. Try inventive dishes with Southern influences, like chickpea po’boy or rib poutine. The grilled pizzas are homemade and easy to share. The varied starter menu includes many high-protein and vegetable-rich pasta dishes. Their long list of cocktails, beers and whiskeys bring modern approaches to traditional drinks. For some after-dinner activities, check out shuffleboard, pool, pinball, and old-fashioned arcade games in the back room.

Price: $30 to $50

Jillian's Lucky Strike Boston
Photo by Flickr contributor Jeremy Brooks

Do you prefer to be more active during a date? Lucky Strike’s 25,000 square foot bowling alley has 16 lanes, ideal for fun competition. On the second floor, you’ll find a high-end billiard room with plasma TVs lining the walls showing all the games of the night. Share a pizza and cold drinks to cool off after a round of knockdown bowling. You can take a break from bowling and billiards and enjoy fun arcade games, which makes this place a great place to go with a group of friends.

Price: $20 to $40

Coolidge Corner Theater at dusk
Photo by Justin Dynia

Coolidge Corner is an independent, not-for-profit movie theater that has been a cultural institution in Brookline since 1933. The historic theater, with its dark carpets and red curtains creating a vintage vibe, reminds audiences that the cinematic experience is meant to be magical. The main Valentine’s Day screening is a 7 p.m. screening of The princess to be married, a fan-favorite fairy tale adventure. Watch two estranged lovers make their way through the mythical kingdom of Florin to find each other. Few romance movies have the longevity and popularity of this movie, so bring some tissues and prepare to see some heartfelt romance with your beau or friend. Note: All cinema patrons must show proof of full vaccination before entering the building.

Price: $30

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