Every Wes Anderson movie, ranked from worst to best


From left to right: The French Dispatch (Photo: Searchlight Pictures), The Royal Tenenbaums (Screenshot), Rushmore (Screenshot), Fantastic Mr. Fox (Screenshot), The Grand Budapest Hotel (Screenshot) screen)

From left to right : The French dispatch (Photo: Projector images), The Royal Tenenbaums (Screenshot), Rushmore (Screenshot), Fantastic Mr. Fox (Screenshot), The Grand Hotel Budapest (Screenshot)
Graphic: The AV Club

It’s easy to accuse Wes Anderson of making the same movie over and over again, endlessly remixing familiar elements in slightly different proportions: symmetrical compositions, absent or inadequate fathers, carefully labeled minutiae, frustrated artists, richly detailed set design. and often deadpan dialogues. prefaced by “anyway” or afterword by “au fait”. But if his films are so similar, why is there such a diversity of opinions about what constitutes his best (or worst) work? Some prefer the more (relatively) stripped-down style of his previous films. Others marvel at films with a more complex and elaborate construction of the world. Still others prefer his more intimate work on an emotional level. And there are those who think his stop-motion projects are the purest expression of his inimitable style. Yes, technically this style can be imitated, most often for parodies of his various obsessions, tics and blockages. But his voice is too singular to inspire the usual scams and poor man’s imitations. (If a filmmaker “does” Wes Anderson, he must know that he will be immediately called.)

While some may accuse Anderson’s world of being hermetically sealed, he’s also instantly recognizable, deceptively emotional and colorful at a time when big-budget blockbusters will spare no expense to look like they’ve been shot. inside a concrete mixer. So how better to grapple with the stealthy variety of his 10 films so far than a carefully composed and tidy ranking? (For the full effect, imagine each carefully composed entry in Futura or Archer.) Although the following list was compiled by a single writer, it does not express an isolated opinion. Rather, it reflects an approximate (and highly unscientific) aggregate of opinions of The AV Club film department as a whole, taking into account past and present reviews, retrospective best-of projections and various ineffable whims. Feel free to start your own Rushmore Academy debate club in the comments.

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