Enter Southold’s new Wellness Market and Naturopathic Clinic

Tulsi Square is located in the center of Feather Hill in Southold. (Credit: Victoria Caruso)

A new naturopathic clinic and wellness market has just opened in the village of Feather Hill in Southold.

Tulsi Square, founded by the married couple and naturopathic doctors Stephenie Pisacano and Jake Shettell celebrated its grand opening last Friday.

“We are so excited to be here in this community,” said Shettel, who previously practiced naturopathic medicine virtually in New York alongside his wife.

The cozy boutique with a minimalist style doubles as a space for naturopathic consultations on weekdays and a wellness market on weekends.

A white bouclé sofa sits in the center of the room, surrounded by flowing white curtains and a large white shelf containing a large assortment of health and wellness products. The couple curate everything on those shelves and in the market – selecting products that are free of toxic chemicals and designed to optimize health.

“The health and wellness world is so saturated with fake health product trends,” Pisacano said. “We really tried to create a market where if someone comes here they will know that the products are of good quality and that we have checked all the ingredients. We’ve tried to put in a lot of detail to make sure everything is clean and actually safe.

Customers discover the offers of the new store. (Credit: Victoria Caruso)

Customers at the new store can find all kinds of all-natural skin care products, supplements and healthier snacks. There are also several types of homemade tinctures for sale, designed to relieve a wide range of health conditions.

Pisacano’s favorite product in its market is a coffee alternative called Rasa.

“They basically add herbs to the coffee blends, so people don’t feel so anxious and nervous with the coffee,” she explained. “I finally switched to Rasa and my anxiety was reduced by more than half.”

In addition to managing the wellness market, Pisacano and Shettel offer health consultations. They both graduated with a degree in naturopathic medicine where they first met – at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona.

“First and foremost, we are naturopathic physicians, so we try to be here in the area as an option to seek out,” Pisacano said.

The doctors with baby Gemi. (Credit: Victoria Caruso)

Shettel was first drawn to this type of medicine when he came across a booth about naturopathic medicine at a graduate fair. “I didn’t know there was something that combined Eastern medicine and Western medicine so well,” he said.

“A lot of people expect more from health care,” Pisacano said. “They want someone who can review their labs, but also make more natural lifestyle recommendations.”

While the space is currently a hybrid office and market, the couple dream of having a larger location, where they could operate the market and their practice at the same time.

For now, they are excited to expand their market and work with more people in the North Fork community.

“It’s nice to offer something so local,” Shettel said.

“We’ve met so many great people in the community,” Pisacano added.

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