Effective Skincare Tips For Teenagers This Monsoon Season

CHENNAI: Skincare for teens is a whole new level of learning. Whether it’s treating acne for the first time, dealing with changes such as facial and body hair growth, or successfully managing body odor, skin care and personal hygiene can be quite confusing for a teenager.

Here are some common areas where your teen might falter in their skincare, and how to help them deal with the problem.

First, you may find that your teenager has suddenly turned into a water-hating cat and needs to be forced into a bath. Stick to it and make sure your son or daughter showers every day and washes their hair at least three times a week. Encourage him to take an extra shower if he comes back sweaty after playing sports or the gym, especially if you live in a very humid area. Deep-cleansing shower gels and pH-balanced soaps are great options for your teen.

Next, emphasize grooming specific areas, such as the armpits, groins, pubic areas, lower back and behind the ears – these are areas that are typically overlooked when it comes to skincare. Your teen may be having a hard time dealing with the growth of underarm hair – you can get him started with a trimmer. Compared to waxing or shaving, the cut is very gentle on the skin. You can also consider laser hair removal for denser hair growth when you and they feel comfortable evaluating this option. Long underarm hair and poor hygiene can lead to infections like trichomycosis. The easiest way to prevent or manage this is to always cut the hair in this area. You need to advise them on private skin care, as this is new territory for them. Educate them about maintaining hygiene in this area.

Don’t let your teen tolerate lice infestations as an occasional occurrence. You can use over-the-counter head lice preparations or, if the condition is severe, have it treated by your doctor. If the nits are persistent, you can use a vinegar rinse. Mix vinegar with water 1:1 and rinse hair in this mixture. The vinegar loosens the cement that attaches the nit to the hair, which will help reduce the nit load.

Avoid excessive oiling of the scalp, especially oiling and soaking overnight. Teenagers produce a lot of oil and their skin is easily prone to acne, so you don’t want to complicate things there. You can encourage them to use a leave-in detangling serum for hair maintenance and the scalp can be left alone.

Face washing should be done three times a day – over-washing and improper washing can damage the skin. The tendency is to rub and rub the skin as they bathe, but this should be discouraged as excessive rubbing and rubbing can lead to skin pigmentation. A gentle but thorough wash is what is recommended.

Teenagers can be over the top when it comes to skin care products. We see the two extremes, with young people using too many products and too many skincare steps, and the other end where there is no skincare at all. The healthy balance is to use few but effective skincare products, depending on the concern, to allow the skin to respond, but not react. Minimum care should be cleanser and sunscreen depending on sun exposure. A healthy diet rich in antioxidants would be the last step in teenage skin care. Colorful vegetables, fruits, and nuts are all great options for teens, and presenting them in interesting ways (like dry-fried carrot chips or, even better, diced raw carrots) helps boost the mood. ‘acceptance.

A teenager is often a more reserved version of a toddler, with the same or more amount of insecurities and (invisible) meltdowns – it helps to introduce them to skincare with detailed reasoning rather than as a saying, to help them understand care for themselves.

— Dr. Renita Rajan, Senior Consultant Dermatologist, Render Skin and Hair.

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