Does Doctor Strange 2 Character Fail Wanda?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has already broken box office records around the world within days of its release. 2016’s long-awaited sequel strange doctor centers on master of the mystical arts Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) as he struggles to protect young America Chavez from a corrupt Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen). Chavez can travel the multiverse – a skill she has yet to perfect – and after reading Marvel’s Darkhold, Book of the Damned, Wanda tries to take Chavez’s power for herself in an attempt to reach a reality where she can finally be reunited with her children. Directed by Sam Raimi, Multiverse of Madness is a wild ride from start to finish, spanning multiple realities within the Marvel Cinematic Universe and featuring star-studded cameos, but some Marvel fans claim the film contains too much content, sacrificing character development.

To like Avengers: Endgame, Multiverse of Madness certainly requires some basic knowledge beforehand, with Marvel chief Kevin Feige telling fans to take note of the events of WandaVision, Loki and What if…? to fully appreciate the context of the film. All of these are part of Marvel’s lineup of TV shows thanks to a partnership with Disney+, and many Marvel fans have hailed these series as a unique way for comic book fans to get their super fix. -heroes while simultaneously developing beloved MCU heroes. Wanda Vision was a prime example of this, serving partly as an origin story for Wanda but also as a continuation of her arc following the tragic loss of Vision in Infinity War. Wanda Vision was a beautiful example of her journey through grief but also a story of self-discovery, ending with Wanda fully realizing her destiny as the legendary Scarlet Witch and coming into possession of the Darkhold.

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Wanda Vision also dangerously peeked behind the curtain at the true extent of Wanda’s power after he essentially enslaved an entire town to cast as characters in his real-life sitcom starring her, Vision, and their two children. In the end, Wanda was forced to let go of the illusion she had created for herself in the Hex, realizing that despite everything she wanted, controlling the lives of others was not fair to her. his own profit. The show’s ending was a solid conclusion of Wanda coming to terms with her grief, seemingly leaving the town of Westview to isolate herself from others until she could fully control her chaos magic. But the post-credits scene showed a quick clip of Wanda’s astral form reading the Darkhold and hearing her children’s voices shouting at her from a different reality.

It’s here that Multiverse of Madness picked up. It had long been speculated that Wanda would play the villain in this film, which was surprising to fans given her resolution after Wanda Vision. From the start in Multiverse of Madness, Wanda is evil and desperate to reach her children by any means necessary – even if it means killing a young girl in the process. It’s a stark, drastic change from when fans last saw her at the end of Wanda Vision, and the juxtaposition is a bit jarring. Raimi tries to undo it by using a few lines of dialogue stating that whoever reads the Darkhold is corrupted, even if only once. Perhaps Wanda spent countless hours studying the Darkhold between the events of Wanda Vision and Multiverse of Madnessand this is what led to his radical change of attitude.

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Wanda is absolutely brutal in Multiverse of Madness, as she quickly works through the multiple weird variants, the Wizards of Kamar-Taj, and even the Illuminati. On the one hand, it’s exciting for Scarlet Witch fans to see Wanda really unleash the full extent of her chaos magic, but it also feels almost too out of place for her character. Yes, Wanda Vision showed that she would do anything to have her family, but the show’s resolve seemed to reveal that Wanda had accepted her reality and would now be able to close this chapter and move on. To see essentially all of his character development since Wanda Vision thrown out the window Multiverse of Madness want to watch two completely different versions of the character.

Whether Wanda is a hero or a villain, there’s little to say that she’s currently one of the most powerful members of the MCU. Although the end of Multiverse of Madness seemingly the death knell for the Scarlet Witch, Elizabeth Olsen herself confirmed that there may still be more to Wanda to see. Whether it’s a solo film or another side-appearance like in Multiverse of Madness, I hope Wanda will be in a better place emotionally and mentally. Seeing a character truly lose everything has created a loyal and devoted fan base for the Scarlet Witch, who only wants to see her happy and successful. While Wanda Vision seemed like a step in that direction, Multiverse of Madness once again turned the character of Wanda Maximoff upside down.

To see a completely different Wanda, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now playing in theaters.

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