Coachella 2022’s best beauty looks take on the classic festival style

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – festival season is in full swing, and that includes the biggest event of them all. Coachella, arguably the crown jewel of modern musical festivals, returns to the desert for back-to-back weekends after an abrupt two-year hiatus. And based on the photos and videos from Weekend One, it sure looks like there’s a collective effort to make up for lost time. The best Coachella 2022 beauty looks are a great example of this – a bit of a return to form (think sticky jewelry, glittery makeup and over-the-top hair accessories), Coachella beauty has also grown to include many new trends. created. Celebrities in particular – both on and off stage – have been experimenting with exciting new festival makeup and hairstyles ranging from casual glamor to music video worthy – meaning plenty of perfect summer beauty inspiration for everyone. world.

To catalog all the excitement of Coachella in one place, scroll through this (ever-growing) list of the best beauty moments from the festival so far. While there are a few underlying trends connecting celebrities — yellow nails and pigtails of all types are having a real moment — the real focus seems to be on the freewheeling, wear what you want vibe. makes music festivals so great in the first place.

Below is a roundup of the best celebrity beauties from Coachella so far.

Vanessa Hudgens

Fact: If you say “Coachella” five times in the mirror, Vanessa Hudgens will appear wearing a flower crown and crochet bikini. Hudgens established herself as the queen of Coachella in the mid-10s, but her 2022 looks prove her title will never be in question. For the first weekend of this year, Hudgens kept things (relatively) simple with matte brown lipstick, razor-sharp eyeliner, lush natural curls, and fun neon nails.

Jhene Aiko

Though she’s a seasoned Coachella performer herself, this year Jhené Aiko was there to have fun — and support handsome A-list actor Big Sean. Aiko’s one you can always count on for a killer glamor moment, and her purple eyeliner and space buns (a music festival classic!) certainly hit the spot.

Billie Eilish

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As one of the most anticipated acts of the entire festival, Billie Eilish made sure to give the screaming crowd exactly what they came for – while wearing the coolest set of pigtails ever. Western coast. After a while, they got out of their hair ties into a shaggy, mullet-adjacent style, perfect for Eilish’s modern punk sensibilities.

Megan you stallion

Even from video footage, it’s clear Megan Thee Stallion’s crowd was one of the biggest and most exciting at the entire event – dubbed #Hottiechella by the superstar. Megan’s hair, so voluminous with tons of curls, brushed her lower back as she performed previously unreleased tracks while her bright blue nails and futuristic silver makeup shimmered from the stage.

Hailey Bieber

Always a fan of the accented baby braid, Hailey Bieber took it up a notch by sprinkling the delicate braids all around her head. A shimmering blue eyeshadow brightens her lower lash line, while neon yellow nails – they feature just one tint of green – are summer perfection.

Harry Styles

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Another highly anticipated headliner, Harry Styles owned the stage in his Gucci jumpsuit, freshly cut curls and yellow, pink and blue nail polish, surely thanks to his own Pleasing beauty line.

Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer’s passionate twists to the hips would be stunning on their own, but the festival-approved pigtails — not to mention the two face-framing strands — take them to the next level. Palmer’s nails and makeup were kept relatively simple, with natural earth tones and slightly shimmery nudes.

Sydney Sweeney

Before heading to the Neon Carnival that night, Sydney Sweeney went to Revolve’s huge annual party for some pre-festival fun. Her light pink eyeshadow added a touch of mod, but her just-cut curtain bangs are definitely the hero of her Coachella look.

Storm Reid

Companion Euphoria Star Storm Reid is becoming a style icon in her own right – and her looks at Coachella are proof of that. The dreamy sunset-hued mix of her French-tipped nails, glossy pink lips and sequined top might just be the best look of the entire festival, bar none.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner, who has weaved her own copper hair into two sleek braided pigtails that skim the top of her shoulders, is also jumping on the pigtail trend. In her bright red manicured hand, a cup of 818 Tequila – what else?

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