Catching up with…Adi Roy, who plays Aladdin in the Broadway touring musical

For actor Adi Roy, it all started with Aladdin.

Roy first got serious about acting after being cast in the lead role in a junior production of Disney’s “Aladdin” in middle school. Now he’s playing the character in the Broadway musical’s North American tour, which stars Proctors.

The Chatham, New Jersey native then studied at New York University’s Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute before taking a break to make his Broadway debut last year as Phoenix in ‘Jagged Little’. pill”. While playing Aladdin on Disney’s “Aladdin” North American tour, he is also preparing for his degree online through an asynchronous program.

“Aladdin” opened at Proctors last week and will run through Sunday, October 23. Shortly after the first show, the Gazette caught up with Roy about what it was like to bring the show to Proctors and revisit the role of Aladdin.

Q: What brought you to play?
A: As a younger sibling, everything you do is based on what your older siblings do. So my sister had done the plays that my primary school drama teacher wrote himself. She was doing them when she was in elementary school and I was like, I want to be like my sister, and I’m going to do that too.

But I started taking it seriously after “Aladdin Jr.” to college. It was the first time I had such an important role and that’s when I realized that it was a lot of work but also a lot of fun. I just really wanted to pursue him more. I went to professional theater camps such as Paper Mill Playhouse, which confirmed that I wanted to make it my job.

Q: When you heard about Aladdin’s North American tour, did you jump at the chance to reprise the role?
A: I feel like I haven’t fully escaped my Aladdin roots. All through high school people reminded me of Aladdin and then actually when I got to college I first auditioned for a supporting role in the Broadway cast. [of “Aladdin”]. From there, they said, “We really love you. We’re not going to choose you for this role. But we want to see you again, in the future.

This North American tour came up and they made me audition. I got called back several times and then finally got the part, which made me very excited and [I’m] happy to finally do it again because it’s just an amazing role.

Q: Are you still in contact with anyone from this “Aladdin Jr.” production?
A: One of my closest friends from high school who was in this production came to see our first look [at Proctors]. She was able to take photos of our curtain call and she actually sent those photos to our group chat that we still have since eighth grade. Everyone was very proud of me. I’m excited because they’re all in college, so I’m hoping to see them as we travel across the country.

Q: How has it been rehearsing and playing at Proctors so far?
A: It was amazing. This place is simply spectacular and to start here I feel like a privilege. The whole history of this theater and the design really adds to the ambiance of the show. So it’s been great for me, selfishly, as an actor because it puts me in the zone.

Q: How was the first show?
A: It went very well. I think there were a few mishaps, but that’s expected. But overall it was an amazing show.
There was actually a really funny moment, which shows you can’t expect anything from live theater. When the Cave of Wonders collapses on top of me, I shout “Hello! Help! Anyone? Hello?” And then I paused for a second and a little kid in the audience just shouted “Hello!” It was really cute. It kind of stopped the show for five seconds and I had to keep my cool.
It was a reminder that I’m doing this for the right reasons, to put on a great show for everyone who’s excited to come see it.

Q: Are there any outstanding scenes that you particularly enjoy working on?
A: The basic answer, just because of its energy, is the “Friend Like Me” sequence. It’s 10 minutes long and it’s just amazing to watch Marcus (Martin, who plays the Genie) work on it because I’m not really doing much but watching him figure out how to do all of this and do it in a way spectacular is amazing.
Plus, “Whole New World,” with the small audience we had, just shows how spectacular it is when you hear audible reactions to everything you do on that mat. It’s just really rewarding.

Q: Have you had the opportunity to explore Schenectady?
A: I didn’t venture too far just because we practically rehearsed all day. Now we do shows and rehearsals at the same time. But I have been in Jay Street. I went to the farmers market on Sunday and it’s really nice.
I’m sure in the coming week, when we slow down the rehearsals and the shows become more fluid, we can explore more. Some of the actors went to an apple orchard and I would love to do that.

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