Bohemian child’s bedroom decor: 10 inspiring ways to adopt a bohemian look

Boho nursery decorating ideas allow you to be super creative because there are no set rules. A boho-inspired scheme is defined by an eclectic mix of diverse styles, making it unique and ever-changing. A Boho look is often described as unconventional and relaxed, rich in culture and history, and generally encompasses elements such as the natural world, texture, pattern, and print.

When designing and decorating a nursery, you want the room to be a relaxed and calming space that reflects your personal style, while making sure to choose design elements and nursery ideas that can stand the test of time as your baby grows.

A child’s room and bohemian decorating ideas go hand in hand. Perfect for gender-neutral nursery ideas, from soft neutrals to bold prints, from soothing wall murals to striking wallpaper ideas, boho decor can be tailored to your individual style; with key elements ensuring that the overall Boho scheme is relaxing, soothing and carefree.

Boho nursery decor – 10 design ideas for a casual look

If you want to create a boho-inspired scheme in your nursery, look no further for some beautiful inspiration as we explore our top boho nursery decorating ideas.

1. Wow with wallpaper

Nursery with bright yellow striped wallpaper, white crib and lounge chair with brown leather footstool and yellow rug

(Image credit: Lucy Aires 22 Interiors, Photography by Noah Webb)

Wallpaper ideas are a great way to add personality to a room. Whether you want to make a subtle statement through a neutral print, or go big and bold with vibrant colors and patterns, there are plenty of options that can coordinate with a boho-inspired theme.

In this nursery of Lucie Ayres from 22 Interiors the magnificent Hackney House The wallpaper creates an uplifting mood in the room. Ayres describes the design process for this client’s home as “adding organic shapes and warmth throughout” and “creating a bold and genuinely fun nursery.” The end result is described by Ayres, “we went bold with earthy accents, driven by the playful House of Hackney wallpaper and Armadillo rug”. It’s fun and unexpected – not your typical pastel-hued nursery”.

With the dark brown cupboards beautifully complementing the yellow scheme, finished with additional pieces such as the leather ottoman and the comfortable white chair, the use of beautiful prints, contrasting textures and references to the natural world epitomize the key elements of the decor. Boho.

2. Take inspiration from nature

nursery with green botanical wallpaper, black crib with large giraffe soft toy and mustard yellow ceiling canopy

(Image credit: Fiona Walker-Arnott)

Bohemian style is often inspired by the beauty of the natural world, whether through plants, botanical prints or the use of natural materials such as wood, rattan and leather. Bringing the outdoors inside is a great way to create a relaxing and inviting space ideal for a child’s room.

In this scheme, the bold botanical wallpaper is softened by the overhead canopy, the natural color palette used creating a timeless appeal.

3. Hang a canopy from the ceiling

Neutral baby room with overhead canopy, light wood crib and shelves, gray rug

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki)

A great way to add soft, inviting texture, a ceiling canopy is an elegant addition to a nursery space. Whether you choose a soothing, neutral color or a design that features a striking print or pattern, a ceiling canopy can make a beautiful statement in a nursery.

The canopy doesn’t have to be hung over the crib, it also works well hung in the corners of a room, as above, creating a cozy and sheltered play area.

4. Add a rug for plush comfort

Compact house in San Francisco

(Image credit: Vivian Johnson)

The layering of contrasting materials and textures is a typical feature of a Boho-inspired scheme, with rugs being a simple and easy way to create this effect.

Moroccan bedroom rug ideas are often used in Boho decor. Rich in intricate patterns, colors and details, each rug can tell a story, with many distinct styles available. Even if a Moroccan rug isn’t your favorite rug, adding any rug to a nursery adds a layer of warmth and texture, enhancing feelings of calm and relaxation.

In this San Francisco rental house nursery of Lorla Studio founder, Laura Hur, there were strict restrictions on what she could do with her home, no painting on the walls allowed for example. Lorla states that “this project became almost exclusively about furnishing and decorating details…the more artwork and textiles we hung, the more this rental felt like home.”

By creating texture and depth through the rug, beautiful greenery, and decorative pieces, the overall result of this nursery embodies a serene bohemian feel.

5. Create texture and contrast

nursery with orange painted cabinet and blue accents, light wood crib with streamers and cushions.  Woven laundry basket and rug on white painted wooden floor

(Image credit: Matt Clayton Photography Limited)

Using contrasting materials, textures and colors can create a room full of personality and charm. Using these contrasts in a nursery, whether through paint, upholstery or contrasting patterns, can elevate a scheme to truly reflect your personal style. For more inspiration on contrasting colors, check out our color wheel guide.

In this room, the warm orange paint used on the wardrobe creates an elegant contrast between the blue curtains and the blue accent on the crib, with accessories such as the garland and the rug bringing the contrasting elements together in an elegant scheme of baby boy room.

6. Make a statement

white nursery with botanical green upholstered ceiling, mustard yellow canopy, wall art, floor rug with lounge chair

(Image credit: future)

The essence of bohemian decor is unconventional and unique, so why not use your nursery to make a stylish statement.

In this nursery, the all-white scheme has been beautifully disrupted by the tropical cactus wallpaper on the ceiling. Even though the wallpaper print is bright and bold, this nursery still retains a sense of calm and elegance, with finishing touches such as the ceiling canopy, pendant lamp, and several area rugs creating a soft and relaxing atmosphere.

7. Decorate with unique accessories

Children's bedroom with wooden storage unit displaying toys, ornaments, woven storage basket and rug on the floor, framed prints on the walls

(Image credit: future)

For many, a bohemian style embodies an eclectic mix of objects and artifacts collected while traveling and traveling around the world, creating a unique atmosphere that blends styles, cultures and history.

Decorating a baby girl’s room with a mix of toys, decorative accessories and prints will always make the space feel warm. If you still have old toys or personal items from your childhood, displaying them in your baby’s room creates a beautiful connection and story. Older items mixed with new pieces create a unique, nostalgic appeal, and those finishing touches are what bring the whole thing together.

8. Be bold with color

SOMA industrial house

(Image credit: Molly Haas)

Yes, you design and decorate your baby’s room, but since he’s too young to have a say, why not be bold and use a wallpaper or paint color you’ve wanted to try at home for ages? – a truly ideal opportunity.

In this nursery by Christine Lin of Form + Field, she says that “in this space, we wanted to evoke a bright and cheerful aesthetic, so it was essential for us to get it right. Botanicals are back this year, so we’ve come up with an enduring style that we think will be a timeless addition to this nursery.”

This beautiful botanical wallpaper can be used in many rooms in the home and provides a timeless backdrop in the nursery that can grow with the space for years to come.

9. Create a relaxing seat

child's room with hanging hammock, rope chair, wall shelf with snake toy, wallpaper and floor mat with blue wooden seat

(Image credit: Katie Jane Watson)

The nursery is just as much a space for you as it is for your baby, and creating a relaxing seating space is a must.

This inviting hanging hammock chair, defined by a tactile macrame style, embodies a relaxed bohemian vibe. Not your typical lounge chair, the Hanging Chair adds a truly unique element to the room, with the gentle swinging element perfect for resting and feeding with your baby.

If a hanging chair isn’t quite what you’re looking for, a lounge chair with lots of blankets and cushions will create a cozy seating space that’s rich in warmth and texture.

10. Use a calming color palette

Pink nursery with pink painted wall, cream carpet and rug, white crib with pink painted rattan cabinet

(Image credit: future)

Choosing soothing colors to decorate the nursery will further enhance the casual Boho style.

Warm neutrals and earthy color palettes are often associated with boho decor, drawing inspiration from the colors of plants and flowers. These colors are perfect for a nursery as they enhance feelings of relaxation and can stand the test of time as your baby grows into infancy.

In this room, the pale pink scheme makes the space feel light and bright, with the soft cream carpet and rug adding to the light and airy feel. Finished with a gorgeous pink rattan cabinet and decorative accessories in darker tones, the end result is both uplifting and playful.

What are the key elements of a Boho nursery?

When considering boho nursery decor, the key elements of each scheme should be: inspiration from the natural world, contrasting textures, prints and patterns, and unique color palettes.

Bohemian decor will always be fluid, and there’s no right or wrong way to style your nursery, but factoring these key elements into your design will ensure that this laid-back, inviting style will stand out. foreground.

child's room with red painted crib, blue painted walls, floral curtains, wooden chair and woven wicker storage basket

(Image credit: Hicks Cazenave Design, Photography by Vivian Johnson)

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