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Which Unique Shower Curtains Are Best?

Perhaps you are considering knocking down a wall and creating a gloriously modern walk-in shower. Maybe your current budget is $ 75. A single shower curtain can refresh your space while you save for bigger changes. It can make you love your existing bathroom again for a relatively low price. The Lark Manor Fordingbridge Striped Single Shower Curtain is a great option that is customizable for something all your own. Your monogrammed initials will personalize your space and even dress it up a bit.

What to know before buying a single shower curtain

The humble shower curtain has one very basic purpose, and that is to keep water from draining out of the shower and onto your floor. Water escaping from the shower can cause water drops or damage to floors and sub-floors. However, this task can easily be delegated to a shower curtain liner, so the outer layer of your shower curtain can be all self-expression and fun.


When you start your search for the perfect single shower curtain, you will undoubtedly see a lot of customer reviews about accidentally ordering the wrong size for their shower. It’s worth taking out the tape measure. Measure twice so you only have to hang once. Even if you pair your curtain with a liner and the liner controls the flow of water, an offset in the size of the outer layer will look unique in a bad way.

Hanging method

The way you hang your unique shower curtain can be just as fun as the curtain itself. There are shower curtain hooks shaped like jewelry, roses, dragonflies, paw prints, tassels, little Christmas trees and anything else you can imagine.

Cleaning method

Whether you go for a fancy fabric or a plain old vinyl, your unique shower curtain will end up getting dusty and musty. Even if you use a liner that you can just throw away periodically, you will need to clean the exterior decorative layer. It is worth writing down the care instructions and following them closely so you don’t end up with shrinkage or other damage.

What to look for in a quality single shower curtain


There are no rules for choosing a unique shower curtain, but an easy way to start if you’re not sure is to research some creative uses for color. A bold pop of color might be just what you need if you’ve had the same beige seashell theme for years.

Patterns and prints

If your shower curtain, towels, and bath mat are all navy blue, that’s fine, unless you’re fed up. If you’re up for a change, consider something floral or choose from the plethora of even bolder graphics on the market. Some feature fun or inspirational quotes, cartoon characters, or modern art, which could be perfect if you need a change.


If the bold colors or prints seem a bit extreme, consider adding a different texture to your bathroom. Most of the latest styles of shower curtains feature ruffles, lace, tassels and more. This way you can still achieve a neutral color that goes with anything but has a little extra flair in terms of texture.

How much you can expect to spend on a single shower curtain

There is a wide range of unique prices for shower curtains. You can find a perfectly fun curtain with a print of a bathing T. rex holding a loofah for under $ 20. Curtains made of thicker fabrics can cost over $ 100.

Single Shower Curtain FAQ

How to clean plastic shower curtains?

A. Most plastic curtains can be thrown in the washing machine like fabric ones, according to cleaning experts. If there is a lot of soap scum on the curtain, you can rub it by hand first. Other tips for machine washing include using a large load setting, adding vinegar, and presoaking for half an hour before starting the cycle.

Should my curtain be open or closed when not in use?

A. There is some debate on this, but if your main concern is preserving your shower curtain between washes, keep it closed most of the time. If it is opened while it is wet, mold is more likely to form in the folds.

What are the best unique shower curtains to buy?

Single tall shower curtain

Fordingbridge Lark Manor Striped Single Shower Curtain

Fordingbridge Lark Manor Striped Single Shower Curtain

What would you like to know: There is nothing more unique and personal than incorporating your own name into your bathroom design with a monogram.

What you will love: This is made of a sturdy fabric and reinforced hook holes. Everything goes directly into the washing machine for easy maintenance.

What you should consider: It can be a bit too stuffy and formal for some tastes. It is also a bit expensive.

Or buy: Sold by Wayfair

Single top shower curtain for the money

Insomo funny shower curtain

Insomo funny shower curtain

What would you like to know: It probably won’t be the best for a household with young children, but it could be fun in the right setting.

What you will love: This one is a conversation starter and it’s made from water repellent fabrics so you can add a liner or use it as is.

What you should consider: There is only one choice for sizing and 10 hook holes. If your shower is bigger or smaller, you’re out of luck.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

To check

Samantha Personalized Shower Curtain

Samantha Personalized Shower Curtain

What would you like to know: You can add your own artwork or photos for a truly one of a kind curtain.

What you will love: Even the most expensive of these costs only around $ 25 and can make a fun personalized gift.

What you should consider: Some images reproduce better than others.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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