Best Sage Green Shower Curtain

Which sage green shower curtain is the best?

Bath time should be an experience of tranquility and relaxation. One way to turn your bathroom into a sanctuary is to use colors that remind you of nature. And there’s no better canvas than the often overlooked and utilitarian shower curtain. Sage green is all the rage these days when it comes to interior design. The earthy color, known for its peaceful properties, is perfect for a shower curtain so you can introduce some calm into your bathing routine.

Our first choice is the Barossa Design Store Hotel Luxury Waffle Fabric Shower Curtainbut depending on your tastes and the layout of your bathroom, you will have to consider all the options before making your choice.

What to know before buying a sage green shower curtain

Colors that go with sage green

Sage green is a versatile color that comes in many shades. When building your bathroom color palette, you’ll want to consider sage green’s tertiary colors: reddish brown and purple. A lighter shade of sage green will push you towards beiges and lavenders or slates, while a darker, richer sage green will pair well with burnt siennas and dark pastel purples like English violet.

Sage green also pairs beautifully with ochres and other shades of green. And you can’t go wrong with white.

Style your sage green shower curtain

Because sage green is so understated and soft, you can incorporate it into almost any design scheme. Mid-Century Modern is a classic interior design scheme where sage green really thrives. But if you like a little country flair, a more streamlined bohemian theme can also absorb sage green quite well. In both styles, consider using natural woods like teak and wicker. In the case of boho, emphasize the natural relationship between color and materials in your home. When it comes to mid-century modern style, lean into the austerity inherent in such a stately color. Whatever your home decor taste, don’t be afraid to add eucalyptus, tropical plants and soothing candles.


The standard shower curtain is 72 x 72 inches, but that doesn’t mean the shower curtains are one size fits all. Depending on your bathroom layout and the type of tub you have, you might need a longer or wider shower curtain. If your tub has more than one exposed side, look for an extra-wide shower curtain. These measure between 108 and 180 inches in width. If you have high ceilings, you’ll need an extra-long shower curtain, which is typically 84 inches long.

What to Look for in a Quality Sage Green Shower Curtain


When looking for a sage green shower curtain, you will need to carefully consider what it is made of. This can affect its cleanability, durability and weight. A cotton shower curtain, for example, can be machine washed and last forever. But because it’s so absorbent, you’ll need a curtain liner to protect it. It’s also heavy, so your typical tension curtain rod won’t measure up.

Nylon shower curtains, on the other hand, are the least durable and should be replaced every six to 12 months. But they are completely water resistant and lightweight. They just don’t look as luxurious as cotton.

Polyester offers the best of both worlds: the look of fabric with the water resistance of nylon. These are also heavy and are somewhat less durable than cotton.

Pattern vs Solid

Whether you choose a patterned or plain sage green shower curtain is up to your taste and style. Use patterns if you want to add some visual texture to your decor. Patterns are also great opportunities to bring another color into the mix, or tone down sage green with white or off-white.

Solids can be put to good use, especially when treated like a canvas. Used as a backdrop, your solid shower curtain can liven up the surrounding decor like a sage green screen.

Hooks vs Eyelets

Shower curtains can be mounted to your curtain rod in two ways: using grommets or sewn-in hooks. The grommets allow you to slide the curtain directly over the rod. Because they are in the curtain themselves, grommets can make it harder to lay your shower curtain flat, resulting in bunching. Hooks are more difficult to install, but they are easier to slide on and can get the most stretch out of your curtain. They also present a fun interior design opportunity.

How much you can expect to spend on a sage green shower curtain

Depending on the size and material, expect to spend between $10 and $40 for a sage green shower curtain. Custom prints can go up to $80.

Sage Green Shower Curtain FAQ

How do I protect my shower curtain from mold and mildew?

A. Your bathroom is the wettest room in the house. For this reason, whatever material you use is prone to mold and mildew. If you have a fabric shower curtain, be sure to wash it once a month. You will also want a shower curtain liner, even for polyester, because these provide a protective barrier and limit overflow on your floors. Be sure to open a window or turn on an exhaust fan while showering to maintain air circulation.

What type of shower curtain rod should I use?

A. If your shower curtain weighs less than 10 pounds, you can use most tension rods without worrying about your curtain falling apart. But heavier tension rods (like those that can support up to 30 pounds) will hold up better to repeated use and fabrics like polyester and cotton.

What is the best sage green shower curtain to buy?

Sage Green Shower Curtain Top

Barossa Design Store Hotel Luxury Waffle Fabric Shower Curtain

Barossa Design Store Hotel Luxury Waffle Fabric Shower Curtain

What do you want to know: With a subtle waffle weave, this solid green textured shower curtain is thick and luxurious.

What you will love: Barossa offers the shower curtain in a wide range of sizes and colors. The polyester blend is 230 gsm, so it’s durable and heavy. It is machine washable and water repellent without any chemical coating. It mounts via slim stainless steel shower hooks.

What you should consider: You need to buy the hooks separately. The curtain has no magnets at the bottom.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Sage Green Shower Curtain Top for the Money

N&Y HOME Fabric Shower Curtain or Liner with Magnets Sage Green

N&Y HOME Fabric Shower Curtain or Liner with Magnets Sage Green

What do you want to know: This is a reasonable and lightweight solution on a budget if you fancy green for your bathroom.

What you will love: The 100% polyester curtain measures 100gsm and is treated to be water resistant. It is machine washable and features a reinforced head with rust proof grommets. Magnets at the bottom help prevent spills and enhance privacy.

What you should consider: This shower curtain does not come with hooks.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

SherryDecorBoutique Sage Stripe Shower Curtain 71 x 74, Dark Green Bathroom Decor

SherryDecorBoutique Sage Striped Shower Curtain

What do you want to know: This beautiful striped shower curtain features rich, textured shades of green.

What you will love: The custom printed design ranges from dark green to beige so you can match it to many different color palettes. The shower curtain is available in one size: 71 x 74 inches. It is 100% polyester and machine washable and has 12 eyelets for hooks sold separately.

What you should consider: The custom print is only on one side of the curtain.

Or buy: Sold by Etsy

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