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Which peach shower curtain is the best?

Interior designers are in love with pastels right now – and for good reason. These muted tones open decorators up to the full color spectrum, with almost any pastel hue being easy on the eyes. Chief among these are peach, the color of sunsets, and fresh pitted fruit.

If you’re looking to add warmth and light to your bathroom, a peach colored shower curtain is the perfect mood enhancer. What you choose depends on the size of your bathtub and the decor of your bathroom, but you can’t go wrong with the lovely print of the Lifeel Peach Shower Curtain.

What to know before buying a peach-colored shower curtain

Fishing Psychology

Peach is a warm mix of red and yellow. Its properties put people at ease, projecting calm and contentment. This makes it a great color for your bathing routine, imbuing your shower or tub with positive, rejuvenating energy.

The colors that go with fishing

In pastel, peach goes well with other colors. The trick is to match the tone to its opposite and tertiary colors. Peach goes great with soft greens like turquoise and teal and muted yellows like ochre. It also pairs well with warm grays and light purples like mauve. If you don’t want a pastel overload, try using peach as an accent by placing it against rich red backgrounds.

Style a peach shower curtain

Because it’s a bright and cheerful color, peach thrives when surrounded by open, minimalist and natural interiors. Warm, raw woods match the energy of this color, as do rose-tinted metals.

If your decor is inspired by the vintage aesthetic, you may find it hard to match the color to luscious, saturated hues. In these scenarios, peach can blend in with the darker browns of antique furniture by using midtones to work the eye up to the lightest color. When it comes to the stark black of modern interiors, gold, copper, and brass are all great ways to steer your space in a warm direction to make the peach feel right at home.

Solid Color vs Patterns

Shower curtains are underrated canvases that offer great color blocking potential, but that doesn’t mean you have to go all the way. A patterned curtain gives decorators additional versatility. By opting for a peach motif, you can introduce a neutral backdrop that balances the color and opens up your bathroom palette to deeper color exploration.

What to Look for in a Quality Peach Shower Curtain


Shower curtains are available in three different materials which determine their look, feel and durability:

  • Cotton: Soft, heavy, and luxurious, cotton is a premium option that comes at a significant cost compared to other materials. It lasts the longest and can be machine washed. just be prepared to use a lining to protect it from mold and mildew.
  • Vinyl: The budget option, vinyl is completely waterproof but has a plastic sheen and smell. These curtains are also available in non-toxic and eco-friendly PEVA and EVA.
  • Polyester: These synthetic fibers provide a waterproof yet textured curtain material halfway between cotton and vinyl. They are generally more affordable than cotton and their durability makes them an attractive substitute, although they don’t last as long.


  • Standard: At 72 x 72 inches, the standard shower curtain is sized to cover a long edge of your typical tub.
  • Extra large: For everything from pedestals to sinks, extra-wide shower curtains provide the extra coverage needed to prevent water damage. Ranging from 108 to 180 inches wide, they are designed to wrap around any tub with more than one side exposed.
  • Extra long: High ceilings and tall shower curtain rods leave standard curtains too short. Extra-long curtains add 1-2 feet more length to block spills and ensure your shower doesn’t look like it’s being squeezed into a hand-held curtain.
  • Narrow: Small bathrooms have small showers, and excess curtain fabric can pile up, consuming valuable space. Narrow curtains are half the width of standard curtains to cover stalls and other small showers.


Sewn into the top of your shower curtain are small plastic or metal reinforced holes called grommets. If they are large enough, you can slide the curtain rod straight through these grommets to install your shower curtain. Although this method is the easiest, the grommets make it more difficult to pull your curtain back and forth.

If you want to remove your curtain easily without getting it stuck or if your grommets are too small, you should use hooks. These require a little more finesse to install but also have a playful aspect decorative opportunity.

How much you can expect to spend on a peach shower curtain

Vinyl shower curtains usually cost between $5 and $20. Polyester can cost between $15 and $50, and high-quality cotton can cost up to $60 and $120.

Peach Shower Curtain FAQ

Should I use a curtain liner?

A. Shower curtain liners act as a barrier that prevents soap scum, mildew and mildew from entering your curtain. Cotton shower curtains are not waterproof and need it for protection. Neither vinyl nor polyester require a liner, but it can help increase their longevity and make cleaning easier.

How do I clean my shower curtain?

A. All three materials can be washed; you should do this once a month. Vinyl can also be wiped down with household cleaner and paper towels. Stay away from bleach as it can damage dyes and inks.

What is the best peach shower curtain to buy?

peach shower curtain top

Lifeel Peach Shower Curtain

What do you want to know: This one might be a little on the nose, but the all-over peach pattern has a nice summery vibe to it.

What you will love: With a vintage graphic quality, this curtain is full of color. It’s made from polyester and weighted at the bottom so you don’t have to worry about it floating around in a draft. It comes with 12 hooks for easy installation.

What you should consider: You can only get it in standard size.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Best peach shower curtain for the money

Elaine Karen Vinyl Shower Curtain Liner with Metal Grommets

Elaine Karen Vinyl Shower Curtain Liner with Metal Grommets

What do you want to know: This vibrant peach liner makes a great budget shower curtain.

What you will love: Because it’s made from vinyl, you don’t have to worry about waterproofing with this durable curtain. It is dyed with a light peach color that can brighten up dark bathrooms. Magnets sewn into the bottom help prevent spills and puffiness.

What you should consider: This curtain does not come with hooks.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

August Grove Andes Plain Single Shower Curtain

August Grove Andes Plain Single Shower Curtain

What do you want to know: This curtain adds a touch of texture to your bathroom decor with its ruffled design.

What you will love: The boho-chic ruffles of this peach curtain look like the stuff of royalty. Made from polyester, it retains the fabric qualities of cotton without the risk of water damage. The eyelets are subtle, reinforced with hemming rather than plastic or metal.

What you should consider: This is only available in standard size.

Or buy: Sold by Wayfair

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