Ben McKenzie co-authors a book on crypto scams

Ben McKenzie

Ben McKenzie
Photo: Frederick M. Brown (Getty Images)

You know how it goes: an actor walks in with a major role on a teen soap opera, he stars in a superhero show that’s even weird by superhero show standards, and then he teams up to a journalist to write a series of articles – and now a book – about cryptocurrency scams. It’s basically the classic show business story, isn’t it?

Alright, no, it’s not. But this is the story of CO and Gotham star Ben McKenzie, who has worked with writer Jacob Silverman for some parts on Slate about cryptocurrencies (especially famous people leveraging their fame to create potentially fake crypto fortunes) which he is turning into a book with Abrams Press. It comes from Varietywho says the book—easy money— will be “an account of McKenzie and Silverman’s ongoing attempts to draw the curtain back on the world of cryptocurrency and those affected by its dramatic rise and potential downfall.”

Once again: it’s Ben McKenzie from CO, a man who could spend his time not caring about crypto scams, and yet here he is. Good for him. In a statement, McKenzie said that easy money talks about “money and lies,” and he knows both of those things since he has a degree in economics and is an actor. Silverman, meanwhile, says McKenzie is not just a “great actor” but a “quick thinker who cares deeply about economic and social issues.” In one the third statement, this one from Abrams’ editorial director, Jamison Stoltz, easy money is billed as “The big court for the age of cryptography.

I hope that means in terms of his ability to explore and explain a seemingly complex and boring financial issue, not in terms of often frustrating movie. Then again, it would be fun to see someone play Ben McKenzie.

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