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Théâtre au Fort presenting live shows for the first time in over 2 years • Current edition

The Lawrence Fort theater proves that the show goes on.

Live theater returned to the Theater at the Fort this month, with “The Laramie Project” being the first theater production in over two years. “The Laramie Project” took place from October 1 to 10.

First of all, the theater was closed for renovation. Then it remained closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Live theater returned to the Théâtre du Fort this month.

The theater closed in 2019 after its parent organization, Arts for Lawrence, received a $ 5.8 million grant from the Lilly Endowment’s “Strengthening Indianapolis Through Artistic and Cultural Innovation” initiative. Grant money was used to establish a cultural campus with an amphitheater and move a redeveloped Fort Harrison communications building to the campus to be used for visual arts programming and gallery space. Renovations were also carried out at the theater.

The theater reopened in January 2020 and featured swing dancing, then closed again due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Programming resumed in June of this year, but live theater only returned this month.

“When we closed for construction in the summer of 2019, I didn’t anticipate that the theater would remain closed for two very quiet years. It’s surprisingly invigorating to have an audience again, turn down the house lights, turn up the stage lights and immerse yourself in the stories the actors tell on stage, ”said Judy Byron, Executive Director from Arts for Lawrence. “There is nothing quite like live theater, and we are so proud to offer quality programming in the recently renovated historic theater.”

The theater’s first foray into live theater is “very heavy,” according to program director Jay Hemphill.

“‘Project Laramie “is about Matthew Shepherd and his murder in October 1998,” Hemphill said. “It focuses on hate crimes, language and descriptions of torture, so it’s a heavy show, but we thought we should do it as we try to expand our offerings here.”

“Queens at the Fort: A Drag Show” was on October 15th. The show was hosted by Heather Bea, the local drag diva, and featured drag artists from Indianapolis. Upcoming shows include “Macbeth,” which will be presented in cooperation with Bard Fest and the Agape Theater Company. “Macbeth” is October 22-30. Tickets are $ 25 for general admission and $ 20 for seniors, students, and military personnel. After “Macbeth” is “Elizabeth Rex”, which is a play that begins with the meeting between Queen Elizabeth I and one of the actors of Shakespeare’s troupe. “Elizabeth Rex” runs November 5-14. Tickets are $ 25 for general admission and $ 20 for seniors, students, and military personnel.

Then, Circle City Tap will return with its IndyFringe production, “ONE US”. The performance presents themes of equality, acceptance and unity through dance, poetry and literature. “ONE US” runs from November 20 to 21. Tickets cost $ 25 for general admission and $ 20 for seniors, students, and military personnel.

To celebrate the holidays, the “Peewinkle’s Christmas Puppet Show” will be presented at the Théâtre du Fort on December 4th. The show is designed for the whole family and features holiday puppets, music and audience participation. There will be two performances. Tickets cost $ 15 for general admission, $ 10 for seniors, students, and military. Children 2 and under are free.

Hemphill hopes the theater will cause a stir when it reopens.

“We want our programming to reflect our community,” Hemphill said. “We’re a very diverse community here in Lawrence, so we need to have that represented on our stages. “

Hemphill said the theater offers a “mix of music” during its summer concert series, so there’s something for everyone. It also offered a cultural festival on October 9 and partnered with local schools for a Día De Los Muertos event on the cultural campus. There was a jubilee of the tenth of June in June.

“I want the stage to reflect my audience, and I want my audience to reflect my community,” Hemphill said. “When you have this goal in mind, you know exactly what you need to do and find partners to fulfill this duty. “

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Actors perform on stage during an improvisation event at the Lawrence Fort Theater. (Photos courtesy of Arts for Lawrence)

Unite with the city

In addition to live theater, Theater at the Fort also offers free screenings of popular films. An upcoming film is “It’s a Wonderful Life” on November 27 in conjunction with the city’s annual holiday event, A Lawrence Christmas.

“’It’s a Wonderful Life’ coincides with A Lawrence Christmas, which is the Lawrence parade that takes place here,” said Jay Hemphill, program director of the Theater at the Fort. “This is their kickoff for the holidays. So people can go there and watch the movie at night.

The film is a free screening and will feature live singers.

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Curtain movie

cinemas are overrated • Le Duc Duquesne

Courtesy of Unsplash

Emma Polen | Layout Editor

September 9, 2021

Last weekend I went to see “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” at my local AMC theater. After more than a year of easily streaming new movies from my television, my cinema experience did not encourage me to return to public theaters.

Covid-19 has definitely changed the way new movies are released. Before March 2020, it was very rare for new films to be available on streaming platforms on the same date they were released in theaters. Since last year, however, moviegoers had very little reason to visit a movie theater as streaming services provided all new releases on their platforms.

Movie theater closures have forced entertainment companies to reassess the market. For some studios, this translated into significant box office losses. For others, like Disney, it made it possible to test alternative delivery methods. Disney + launched in November 2019 – just months before the Covid-19-related shutdowns. Subscribers can skip the wait and watch new movies for $ 30 with premiere access. Even with the hefty price tag, streaming is still more convenient than driving around to watch a new theatrical release.

Remember that in March 2020, “Trolls World Tour” was to be released in theaters. When Covid-19 forced theaters to close, Universal Studios moved the film’s release to digital premiere access only.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “Trolls World Tour” grossed around $ 100 million on digital rentals alone. For comparison, the original Trolls movie grossed around $ 150 million in total box office sales, according to, a reliable box office tracker.

Although these numbers look very different, the Wall Street Journal said, “They [studios] keep around 80% of rental or purchase fees, compared to around 50% of box office sales. So my question is, why aren’t more studios changing the way they release movies?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, AMC and Warner Bros. have made a deal so that all new movies released in 2022 will be exclusively available in AMC theaters for the first 45 days, and then they will move on to Warner Bros. ‘ HBO Max streaming platform.

While 45 days seems long, The Hollywood Reporter noted that many theaters withheld new films for 90 days before they were released on any other platform before the pandemic. At least that’s promising: It means studios have cut the wait for a new movie in half.

In addition to the availability of new movies on online streaming services, there are a few home viewing factors that I took for granted until my visit to the cinema last week.

First of all, as someone with a small bladder, I appreciate that my friends pause the movie so I can run to the bathroom. Every time I leave a movie, something big happens.

Second, the volume of the film is notoriously inconsistent. One minute you can barely hear what a character is saying, and the next you are thrown out of your seat by a “Rocky” musical montage.

The volume is finicky both in a movie theater and at home, but at least with my own remote I can turn the volume down on a crazy Michael Bay explosion or I might even go back if I miss the dialogue from someone.

The third reason watching movies in a theater has lost its charm since the pandemic is the awkwardness of strangers. How do I know if the person who is coughing next to me is simply choking on popcorn and does not have Covid-19?

At home, I also take the free cost of living for granted. Coming from a large family, the cost for all of us to go to the movies is $ 87.50. Sitting in my parents’ living room is absolutely free.

For some families, the theatrical experience may be worth it. Because my family, with small children who cannot stand still, constantly confuses the plot and shouts in a low voice: “What is really going on? And act like a nuisance, whether we see a movie in the theater or at home, it’s not worth it.

The cost of tickets isn’t the only purchase that thrills the movie theater. I like to have something to eat while watching a movie, but I don’t want to pay $ 6 for a box of popcorn. I also like having water with me (hence the frequent toilet breaks) but I like it when it’s free at home; I don’t like having to pay $ 4 for cold water.

I understand that today more than ever cinemas need to make a profit. Either way, $ 12.50 is a lot to sit in public for more than two hours, especially if they want to charge an extra $ 10 for sustenance during production.

Another reason why traditional theaters are going out of fashion is the increasing availability of home theaters for ordinary people.

This summer, it was almost impossible to get your hands on a beautiful projector due to the high demand. While most 4K-HD quality systems are a bit pricey, moviegoers got hopelessly bored this summer and had stimulus checks to spend. When I finally got my projector in the mail, it became clear why they became popular during the pandemic.

Projectors can be installed outdoors, providing a safe environment for Covid-19 to invite friends over and spend time together. In addition, the picture and sound quality of a movie shown on a projector is surprisingly fantastic.

And instead of having to sit near strangers eating nachos, I can sit with my friends for free in the comfort of my own lawn.

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Curtain design

Curtain Design: Delicate Sheer Curtains That Filter Sun Rays | Most Wanted Products

Home furnishings like curtains add a textural appeal to rooms that can be seen as well as touched. For curtains, certain fabrics like velvet or tulle top the list for their respective, lightweight appeal. While a formal room is befitting beautiful yards of velvet, more modest homes and apartments can use sheer fabrics to add a whimsical and delicate appeal to windows and doors. Sheer curtains will also help bring in natural light, making your room bright and airy while providing rooms with privacy. Sheer curtains can easily be used as a screen on the windows during the day. Check out our sheer recommendations here-

Sheer white curtains are a classic choice that looks elegant and works well with all kinds of interior decorations. For rooms that do not have a direct light source, sheer curtains are the best option because they provide a screen for the room without blocking the light.

These lightweight curtains are made from a soft polyester mesh and look tasteful hanging on the window.

If white curtains are not your favorite shade, you can go for the shade of beige as this shade works as a neutral that goes well with all other colors. This sheer curtain design is available for windows as well as doors, ranging in size from 5 feet to 9 feet. The curtain features a grommet design, which makes it easy for home users to install.

These sheer curtains can also be matched with thick curtains to create an elegant and polished layered effect.


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This cream sheer curtain is decorated with a fully embroidered pattern of coconut palms, which will give a tropical touch to your windows. The curtain set of two is available in three sizes, starting at five feet and going up to 9 feet.

This lightweight, sheer curtain can be combined with a heavier curtain of a similar design to bring lush appeal to any room. The curtain set is also available in a variety of patterns that individuals can choose according to their taste.

If you’re looking for a dressier version of the sheer curtain set, consider these fabrics that come with an all-over floral design. This curtain design will give your room a romantic look and soften the look of windows. The curtains are made of a high quality polyester fabric and have an eyelet for easy installation.

By simply replacing the bulky curtains with these sheer curtains, you can successfully change the look of your room.

These elegant white curtains feature a devoured design that creates a beautiful effect of light and shadow when light falls on them. Whether it’s your bedroom or even your balcony, if you’re looking to make a change to a living space, consider these curtains that would enhance its beauty and also provide a screen for privacy.

These stylish curtains are available in sizes ranging from 5 feet to 9 feet.

These sheer curtains feature a bold leaf pattern throughout and its panels soften the room and reduce outside heat without obstructing the view. With an elegant design of white and beige, these curtains would be the best choice for a living room where they can marvel.

This curtain set measures 7ft x 4ft, making it ideal for floor-to-ceiling doors and windows.

DISCLAIMER: Journalists from The Times of India were not involved in the production of this article.

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