After A24 Drops First Look at New Brendan Fraser Movie, Fans Are Already Talking About the Oscars

Brendan Fraser, known for hits like The Mummy trilogyschool ties, and Journey to the Center of the Earth, hasn’t had the ubiquitous presence on the big screen in recent years that he has had in the past – but a moment with his beloved horse gave him the realization it was time to go back to the cinema, and Brenaissance was born. Now after A24 took their first look at Frasier’s new film The whale, fans already think the Academy should already give this American-Canadian actor their Oscar trophy.

With the lead role in Darren Aronofsky The whale, Brendan Fraser plays a 600-pound man who tries to reconnect with his daughter after abandoning his family for his lover years ago. The first snap of Fraser fully made up and costumed was shared on A24 instagramand fans have been on social media saying that based on what A24 has revealed so far about the upcoming movie, the Ink heart the actor is already expected to earn Oscar buzz. In a Tweeter Below, a fan posted a meme of Robert De Niro from The Irishman saying “Let’s go girls” while promoting the idea of ​​launching an awards campaign immediately, writing:

brendan fraser’s oscar campaign starts now

In another post on Twittera fan retweeted a photo of Brendan Fraser in The whale. with a caption suggesting that the actor better start practicing several speeches, because he could win many trophies on the road to his first Oscar:

Brendan Fraser can start preparing many variations of his speech, because if it’s good, I think he will go all the way to the Oscars.

Endowed with a bit of an alternative energy, another Twitter response at The whaleThe first look from is an all-caps explosion of excitement as Brendan Fraser undergoes a major transformation:


If Brendan Fraser were to win an Oscar just as his Brenaissance train kicks off, it would be a big deal for the star and his career. Having lost his mother to cancer and suffering from depression, he has been through many hardships, which makes his break with Hollywood understandable. (Not to mention the overwhelming emotions that came from his financial difficulties after his divorce and so called getting groped by a member of the HFPA.) It’s exciting that Fraser is now in a better frame of mind and ready to show the public that he still has it.

If the 53-year-old actor can get an award just as he’s heading for a comeback, it will show that Hollywood and fans welcome him with open arms. Other than The whale, Fraser’s list of upcoming credits includes Brothers (from the director of Palm Springs) Behind the curtain of night, and Martin Scorsese’s Last Movie The Moonflower Slayers. While you wait for those movies to hit the big screen, you can currently watch his great work as Cliffe Steele aka Robotman in the DC Universe series. Doom Patrol – which is available with your HBO Max Subscription.

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