A MUSICAL BECOME – Critics react!

Read reviews of the concert production WILD: A Musical Becoming, a new musical fable about a single mother (performed by Idina Menzel) struggling to keep his family farm and connect with his teenage daughter (played by YDE), whose determination to save the planet gives him and his friends powers they never knew they had .

Inspired by the show’s theme of Caring for the Planet, this concert production embraces regenerative practice and invites audiences to use their imaginations to set the scene.

Idina Menzel is confirmed to play the role of Bea through December 23. Crystal Monee Room (RENT and Kristen Chenowith’s For the Girls on Broadway, Chasing Magic at ART) will perform from December 27 to January 2.

The American Repertory Theater concert production of WILD: A Musical Becoming officially opened on Thursday, December 9 and runs through January 2, 2022. Learn more about WILD: A Musical Becoming here.

Erik Bailey, BroadwayWorld: The score is incredibly energizing and uses a variety of genres to tell the story. The opening number, “Bouches à nourrir”, sets the tone for the show. This song fits into the genre of country / folk music that helps tell audiences where the show is going and helps introduce people they meet. In the world of entertainment, the stop number of WILD’s show “Panic” is written by the children of Outskirtsia. Tranter and Pennell use more of a pop-punk style of music for this act which really separates it from acts which are more focused on the adults of the city. The book, however, made me want more. The dialogue seemed disconnected from the score and didn’t seem so fleshed out. It was as if the script was just there to take the show from song to song. At one point, the show did a full 180 and turned into a fantastic musical. There was no sign of it coming and it seemed really hit and miss. However, it is a “musical becoming”. I can’t wait to see how the script will flesh out in the future.

Maura Johnston, Boston Globe: “WILD: A Musical Becoming,” premiering at the American Repertory Theater, has an energy that feels like spontaneous coming together. This is a concert presentation of a well-crafted musical fable that is imbued with magical realism and carried by a cast of strong artists, including a Broadway veteran. Idina Menzel and the young YDE. The “let’s put on a show” feel of some actors carrying scripts, costumes made from recycled denim and the stripped-back staging of the Loeb Drama Center add to the uninhibited effect. But the songs, which make up the bulk of the show’s narrative, urgently burn and smoldering make the underlying message of “WILD” – that climate catastrophe is a grave threat to future generations – lasts for a long time. after the recalls have subsided.

Kathi Scrizzi Driscoll, Cape Cod Hours: The multi-genre score is formidable, from the catchy opening of “Mouths to Feed” to “Paradoxical Dilemma” which taps on the toes to the anthemic “Wild” of Bea – and director Diane paulus make the most of this loud music with the concert style and the orchestra on stage. The story, however, is not fully formed and will require the most work as this musical progresses. Some might argue it’s too late for the subtlety of the climate change emergency, but more character development to soften the cartoons, flesh out the story frankly good versus bad, and a less straightforward approach overall could. make the story’s message more effective.

Jacquinn Sinclair, wbur: The story – which is sure to transform over time if its name is true – rings with urgency and selflessness and is energized by the music of the Grammy-nominated songwriter Justin tranter (who worked with Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga) and Caroline Pennell (Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez). I have a soft spot for musicals, but the songs are catchy and memorable, and the vocals – including YDE’s Sophia, whose “Dear Everything” made a nearby viewer cry – are outstanding.

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