40 chic bathrooms that will make you think of pink

Pink may not be one of the most popular colors, but those who love it do so with passion. And for good reason too — according to color psychology, pink is a very stimulating and beneficial color. It is most commonly associated with feelings of love and romance, as well as optimism. It also instills feelings of calm and security, having a lot of the sensuality and intimacy of red, but without the aggressive undertone.

If you’re in the camp of people who love the color pink, consider incorporating it into your next bathroom remodel or design. With its soothing and gentle psychological properties (via very good spirit), combined with its decorative versatility and appeal, you can’t go wrong adding pink to your bathroom, whether it’s a splash or a strip. Being such an adaptable color, it can be used in all sorts of ways, in any number of shades or saturations, etc. Keep reading for ideas on how to make your bathroom a rose-inspired haven.

1. Pink Paradise

A bright, tropical-inspired pink can easily turn a simple bathroom into a dreamy paradise. Replace your plumbing fixtures with gold to enhance the shade.

2. Moody pink

For a darker, wiser approach to a pink bathroom, opt for deeper, darker shades of pink. You can even go so far as to make a dark pink wall against a dark pink sink, playing on the color contrast.

3. Pearl Pink Theme

Pink is a very versatile and easy to work with shade, especially in light tones. Find a shade of light, pearly pink and use it throughout the bathroom, including the wall tiles, floor tiles, tub, and sink.

4. Trendy and modern

Create a wonderfully modern and colorful bathroom by centering it around a millennial pink color. Add sleek black hardware finishes and classic marble for a nice contrast.

5. Classic Pink and Gold

Gold is one of the best metal colors to pair with pink, and there’s no better opportunity for this pairing than the bathroom. Combine a pink washbasin with a gold faucet, a pink bathtub with a gold handle, etc.

6. Half-tiled pink wall

Add pink to your bathroom in a simple yet effective way by tiling the lower half of your walls with light pink tiles. Keep the walls white, adding touches of raw wood in light tones.

7. Pink bathtub

A more unique yet eye-catching way to include pink in your bathroom is to get a pink bathtub.

8. Hot Pink Backsplash

While softer shades of pink can be more neutral and easy to work with, few shades of pink are as bold and striking as hot pink. However, it can easily dominate small spaces like bathrooms, so consider only using it for a backsplash.

9. Light Pink Accent Wall

On the other end of the spectrum, very light shades of pink can act as a colored neutral. Add an extra layer of texture and intrigue by texturing a light pink accent wall.

10. Modern Tropical Style

Many shades of pink are naturally very tropical, so if that’s the aesthetic you’re after, you’re in luck. Enhance it by adding some tropical plants to your bathroom.

11. Minimalist Pink Accent Wall

Minimalism doesn’t have to be dull and monochromatic. Add a simple and clean pink tile accent wall to brighten up your minimalist bathroom.

12. Matching tub and sinks

Pink can act as a great contrast color, especially against darker shades. Add a splash of light pink in a black bathroom with a pink tub and matching sink counters.

13. Colorful and classic

Pink shouldn’t be the only colorful touch in your bathroom. Mix it with shades of blue, green and other fun colors for a lively bathroom design.

14. Rose Petal Pink

A sophisticated and elevated shade of rose that would look great in a bathroom is rose petal. Pair it with classic white appliances.

15. Dark and moody pink

Darker, rugged shades of pink also look great in bathrooms and help create a darker, more intimate feel.

16. Trendy Pink Patterned Walls

Pink is a very versatile hue, both trendy and adaptable. Use pink walls to show off a trendy scalloped pattern.

17. Watermelon Theme

Another fun and colorful approach to a pink bathroom is to create a watermelon color scheme, using bright pink and coral, paired with an equally bright green.

18. Simple pink and white

Add just a splash of color and visual intrigue to an otherwise plain white bathroom with a pink accent wall.

19. Luxurious Magenta

Magenta is a deep purple-toned pink that has a luxurious look and feel. Paint your bathroom a rich, satiny magenta hue for a rich, intimate environment.

20. Trendy Pink and Yellow Flamingo

Pink and yellow are a trendy and beautiful color combination. Add a few pops of chartreuse yellow to a flamingo pink bathroom for an on-trend, slightly retro look.

21. Sleek Pink and Black

Black and pink can look incredibly sophisticated and luxurious if paired correctly. Pair a light, desaturated pink with black marble for a rich, luxurious effect.

22. Marble Accents

Instead of adding pink accents to a marble bathroom, consider adding marble accents to a pink bathroom. Be bold with a pink tub, sink, toilet, walls and decorations, adding marble sporadically to break it up.

23. Pink and Copper

Gold is a wonderful metallic color to use in a pink bathroom, but you can amp up the pink vibes by switching it to copper, which has a natural pink undertone. Keep the light pink, however, so it doesn’t overpower the copper, and vice versa.

24. Mauve Rose Accent Wall

Rose mauve is a deep purple pink shade and has a very youthful yet still sophisticated look. Include it via an accent wall in a luxe marble bathroom for a lovely pop of pink.

25. Pink Counters

Another unique way to incorporate pink into your bathroom in a natural and subtle way is to paint your sink cabinets. You can keep the rest of the bathroom darker or more neutral, letting the pink cabinets stand out.

26. Light Pink Herringbone Walls

Pink is a great color for showing patterns, especially in lighter colors. Add some variation to simple pink bathroom walls by adding a light chevron pattern.

27. Trendy Salmon and Sky Blue

Pink and blue are another amazing and complementary color combination. Add a touch of sophistication by opting for a smooth salmon pink with sky blue.

28. Dramatic and Elegant

If you have a flair for the dramatic in terms of bathroom design, pink is a great color to start with. Go for a lightly loaded but still elegant pattern and incorporate lots of gold.

29. Peach Pink

The peachy pink has lots of orange undertones, but a rich salmon pink finish. It looks great as an accent wall shade or for your entire bathroom.

30. Subtle and Classic

If you desaturate the pink enough, it can look almost white. It is ideal for adding a very light and subtle touch of color and elegance to your bathroom.

31. Soft Baby Pink and Blue

For an airier, lighter look in your bathroom, choose a baby pink and soft blue color scheme, accenting it with marble floors.

32. Dusty Rose

Dusty rose is a rich yet refined and classic shade of deep pink, and would look great as a bathroom wall tile color.

33. Classic Pink and Purple

Pink and purple are perhaps one of, if not the most timeless color combinations. Add a pink bathtub to a purple bathroom for an uninhibited feminine atmosphere.

34. Zen Style

Pink is a bit of a bright color, which makes it an uncommon choice for a Zen bathroom. However, this liveliness can help create an energized yet relaxing and rejuvenating feeling.

35. Classic Pink Accent Wall

There’s no need to be fancy with pink in your bathroom – the color speaks for itself. Add a simple, traditional pink accent wall to a basic bathroom for an easy spruce up.

36. Pale Pink Wall Tiles

Another subtle yet stylish way to include pale pink in your bathroom is to incorporate it via wall tiles. They will have a neutral effect, with just a hint of color.

37. Bicolor

You don’t have to paint all your walls pink to include it in your bathroom design. Tile the bottom half of your walls white, painting the top half your favorite shade of pink.

38. Retro Style

Vintage bathrooms were very often tiled in colorful tones, especially pink. Immerse yourself in the vintage vibe with relevant decor, hardware and appliance silhouettes.

39. Luxurious Gold and Bronze

Another way to lean into the luxurious feel of pink is to pair it with lots of bronze details, especially antique mirrors or decorative accents.

40. Pink Accents

If you’re a renter or just don’t want to commit to an all-pink bathroom, just consider adding lots of pink accessories: hand towels, shower curtains, bath mats, toothbrush holders, works of art, etc.

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