4 Winter Car Accessories You Never Knew You Wanted Until Now

When winter arrives, driving can become difficult. Luckily, there are plenty of car accessories out there to help make wintering in your car more comfortable. Winter accessories can help you get out of dangerous situations, keep you warm and make your destination more convenient. The right products contribute to your safety and peace of mind. Here are some of our favorite winter car accessories.

1. Escape routes

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Winter driving means there is always the possibility of your car getting stuck in the snow. News Feed reports that escape rails are one of those must-have trunk accessories because they do exactly what the name suggests; they help you escape when the car is stuck. Evacuation tracks are sturdy plastic tracks that you wedge under your tires to drive over. They help your spinning tires get traction without any pushing or towing.

Also known as emergency steps, tire ladders, or traction mats, escape routes can be found at online retailers and auto parts stores. There is a great price range based on quality. A folding set can be found at Amazon by WaWaAuto for less than $20, and a pair by Stegodon on Amazon made of a nylon composite is $85. At the top sits a sturdy pair of this essential winter accessory from GoTreads on Amazonwhich sell for $139.

2. Remote start kit

It’s quite a mid-winter luxury to be standing inside your warm home, pushing a button, and having your car start outside in the cold elements. Car and driver agrees that remote starters are a great winter accessory for cars that start your engine and turn on the heating system. They also start the air conditioning system in the summer for the opposite effect.

Many vehicles have remote starters, or you can buy a remote starter kit and have it installed. Reasonable prices for remote car starters vary widely by brand. Compustar has an online remote starter for $69, and StartX offers one for heavy trucks at $214. It is also wise to pay for professional installation.

3. Windshield snow guard

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Is scraping ice and snow from your windshield one of your most hated winter chores? A windshield snow cover could make life easier after a storm. Installation is simple because windshield covers are basically covers for your car, truck, or van. You drape it over the windshield before it snows and tie it to the frame of the vehicle.

Windshield snow covers are an affordable winter car accessory and can save time and effort. A custom cover made for your make, year and model from CoverQuest can run around $70. However, you can find generic, universal windshield covers for less than $30 at Amazon from brands like EzyShade, Frost Guard and SubZero.

4. Heated seat covers

There’s nothing nicer on a cold winter’s day than heated seats. These winter warmers are standard on many vehicles, but if yours doesn’t have built-in heated seats, you can purchase heated seat covers. Replacement heated seat covers sit on your seats and heat up when you turn them on.

Car and driver loves these practical winter accessories because of their many benefits. They provide comfort on long journeys by maintaining a chosen temperature, give you an additional source of heat when the rest of the car is still heating up, and provide protection for the vehicle’s upholstery. You can find one by HealthMate at Amazon for just over $30.

Try some of these accessories to make winter driving more fun.

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